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What Sleep Gadgets Can Do For Your Sleep


What Sleep Gadgets Can Do For Your Sleep: Every night millions of people all around the world struggle to have a good night’s rest, causing them to underperform during the day. Poor sleep has even been attributed to poor health conditions and a shrinking lifespan.

However, many sophisticated technologies and gadgets have been invented and developed over the years to provide users with an outstanding sleep experience – drastically boosting productivity levels throughout the day as well as preventing poor-sleep-influenced health conditions. 

In this article, we are going to take a look at different gadgets and how they can transform how you sleep.

What Sleep Gadgets Can Do For Your Sleep

Sleep Headphones:

Sleep headphones help give users a fantastic night of sleep through their sophisticated designs that block out any unwanted noises. From these headphones, users can play their favorite ASMR videos, white noise videos, and calming music to help them relax and have a deep uninterrupted night of sleep

There are many different variations and designs of sleep headphones. Users can receive headphones that sit-on-top of their ears for a more comfortable experience, while some headphones go inside the ear. If you find that the wires from headphones get in the way and disturb your sleep, then you can also gain access to wireless headphones for a non-intrusive experience.  

Sleep Trackers:

Although smart trackers are most commonly used for fitness, exercise, and workouts, some trackers are designed to give users valuable insight into their sleep – as well as advice on how to enhance their sleep.

Just as fitness trackers monitor calories burnt and miles run, sleep trackers monitor a range of factors too. These trackers typically monitor these signs:

  • The amount of time you were asleep for and how long you were physically inactive
  • The phases of sleep that you go through and how long each period lasted
  • The quality of your sleep, taking into account how often your sleep is interrupted.
  • Your environment, such as lighting levels and temperature levels. 

With this information, sleep trackers provide a sleep score to evaluate how well you slept – followed by advice that you should follow in order to work on your sleep, Many sleep trackers even have the ability to carefully time your alarms to activate when you are sleeping less deeply – allowing you to wake up feeling fresh and ready for the day ahead!

Bed Cooling and Heating Systems:

Bed cooling and heating systems tend to be much more costly than most other gadgets for sleep, but also offer great benefits! This is because they use sophisticated tracking technology to monitor as well as react to your body and room temperature in real-time. This means that the bed cooling/heating system will increase and decrease the temperature of the bed in order to prevent overly cold and hot nights.

There is a wide range of reasons as to why a bed cooling/heating system is superior to fans and air conditioning. This technology continually adapts to your body temperature to give you quality sleep while fans and air conditioning are unable to be suited to your body’s immediate needs.

Bed cooling and heating systems are also capable of inducing lucid dreaming through decreasing temperatures during the REM phase of sleep. Why is this so important? It’s because increased lucid dreaming is proven to increase energy levels throughout the day, as well as decrease stress and boost creativity & focus.

Therefore, bed cooling and heating systems can genuinely enhance the quality of your sleep in major ways! If you want to smartify your life with these types of bed cooling systems or other smart health gadgets, there are a ton of gadgets out there to improve your sleep and overall health. 

Lighting for Sleep:

The light and colors of our environment can have a remarkable influence on the quality of our sleep. This is why there have been a countless number of gadgets that use lighting to help its users to fall asleep faster.

Let’s take color as an example. Our retina is sensitive to colors and communicates with our brain to regulate our body clocks. Thus, not all colors were created equal. Some night-light devices use a red light before and during your sleep as the color has been proven to increase relaxation and reduce depression – drastically improving the quality of sleep.

Natural light also influences how we sleep. Some devices and smart-lamps are meticulously designed to produce natural light shortly before you wake up to allow your body to awaken naturally. This has been proven to make waking up much less unpleasant while giving users the energy to wake up fresh and ready for the day ahead!

In Conclusion:

Those were just some of the many sleep gadgets that have been invented to enhance sleep. As these gadgets become more and more available to the mass-population, a countless number of people are sure to have their lives transformed through improving how they sleep.