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What Is a Bike Pump & How It Is Used?


A bicycle pump is designed to inflate a bicycle tire. This type of air pump is generally positive-displacement, which means that it has an adapter or connection that is made to allow for the valves on the bicycle to be inflated.

It is used by cycling enthusiasts to inflate their tires, which is why it is often called a bike pump.

Schrader vs Presta valves

What Is a Bike Pump

Schrader and Presta valves are different types of bike pump valves. They are used on many bicycles. However, the two differ in terms of how they work and the pump they require.

Some pumps are made specifically for these valves, while others can be used with either type of valve.

While both are similar in construction, Schrader valves are wider and longer. They require a larger hole in the rim.

This hole can weaken the structural integrity of the rim, so it is not recommended for use on carbon fiber or narrow road bike rims.

On the other hand, Presta valves are thinner and lighter. They are also easier to operate. Unlike Schrader valves, Prestas do not need a tool to open and close them.

Lezyne CNC Digital Drive 3.5

The Lezyne CNC Digital Drive 3.5 is a high-end floor pump that boasts the usual suspects like a reversible adaptor head and a large 3.5″ digital gauge.

It is also fitted with a high-strength hose reinforced with a hefty dose of braided nylon to boot. With the ability to deliver a maximum pressure of 220 psi, it’s the perfect inflation aide to keep your wheels in tiptop shape.

Aside from the fact that it can crank out a respectable amount of air, the pump offers a few other noteworthy features.

The CNC Digital Drive 3.5 is fitted with an ABS1 Pro chuck to support Schrader and Presta valves. It also sports a reversible head and a 125 cm high-strength hose.

There are a few other notable features to keep in mind as well, including a neo-metallic finish and a 3.5″ digital gauge that can display pressures of up to 220 psi.

Planet Bike ALX

Planet Bike ALX bike pump has a lot to offer. It features a large 3″ integrated gauge and the latest in high tech, high pressure pumps.

The pump also has a cool looking composite matrix mounting bracket and a sturdy base.

Its high-pressure air flow quickly fills tires with a lower maximum volume. The integrated air tank makes it easy to seat tubeless tires without the need for an air compressor. Another feature is the integrated ball inflation needle.

The pump is also a sight to behold with its smooth, silent stroke and impressive 3″ gauge. Its red anodized barrel is also a show stopper.

Other features include a 60cm (24″) rubber hose and a handy ABS flip-thread chuck. The hand pump is accurate enough to inflate tires to a max pressure of 260 PSI.

Aside from the aforementioned red anodized tube, Planet Bike ALX boasts a rugged, aluminum design and a classic wood handle.


Vibrelli is one of the leading brands for biking accessories. It offers a wide range of bike pumps that you can use to inflate your tires. The company also offers repair kits to fix your inner tubes and punctures.

Vibrelli’s mini bike pump is made from durable aluminum alloy and features clever valve technology. It can inflate bicycle tires with either Presta or Schrader valves.

It can be used to fill up to 120 PSI, making it perfect for long distance rides.

The T-shaped handle makes pumping easier. It’s even padded for comfort. Also, it includes a handy lever to lock the chuck.

The gauge is large and easy to read. The XT pump comes with a one-year warranty. You can also purchase attachments for inflating sports balls and pool inflatables.

Topeak Joe Blow

If you are looking for a floor pump, the Topeak Joe Blow is a solid choice. It’s durable, has an easy-to-use dial, and it works with a variety of valve types, including Presta and Schrader.

This floor pump also includes a durable inflator head, which can easily accommodate tubeless tires. The nozzle has a locking lever, which is useful for quickly dropping pressure on the tires.

Another great feature is the pump’s ability to switch from high pressure to high volume quickly. It features a large, easy-to-read gauge, and a padded, ergonomic handle.

In addition, it is compatible with Schrader and Dunlop valves.

This model is a great choice for bikers who are looking to boost their tires, especially those who have higher-volume tires. Its large barrel provides plenty of room for bigger and faster inflation.

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