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KingFace: The Rapper and Influencer Who Supported Trump


KingFace, or Larry Henry as his real name was known, was a rapper and social media star known for his support of President Donald Trump. Unfortunately he died suddenly on September 29, 2020 at 38 after having been in a coma due to an infection spread throughout his body; friends and fellow conservative activists verified his death through Facebook and Twitter posts.

The Unconventional Journey of a Conservative THUGS Patriot

KingFace was born in Florida and moved with his father to Brooklyn at three months of age, becoming active as a Republican after Trump became President. KingFace claimed he has always admired Trump as a real estate mogul but more vocalized his political beliefs since becoming president; labeling himself as a conservative THUGS (The Honest Unapologetic Greatness) Patriot, while still remaining an inactive member of Bloods gang.

KingFace: From Social Media Sensation to MAGA Rap Artist

KingFace gained immense renown on Instagram and YouTube, where he amassed over 200,000 followers, through videos debating liberals and supporting Trump’s policies, while appearing at several conservative platforms, such as Candace Owens’ show and Turning Point USA events. Furthermore, in 2019 he released his rap album called “MAGAtron”.

KingFace was widely revered among his peers and admirers as being “really deep, intellectual” and kind; an influence on many to think differently and change their viewpoints. Marion Krouser described him as her devoted partner while her son considered him loving father figure.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

KingFace had been in a coma since July 2020 after contracting an infected kidney, which ultimately spread throughout his body and resulted in its eventual demise on September 29, 2020 at 38 years of age.

Q. How did KingFace become so widely recognized?

KingFace is best known for his staunch support for President Donald Trump and conservative values, along with his popular rap music and appearances at various political shows and events.

Q. What is the meaning of “KingFace?”

KingFace represented Conservative Truth Unapologetic Greatness (THUG) and Pot Smoking Patriotism. He believed in freedom, individualism, patriotism, capitalism and capitalismism.

Q.Who are KingFace’s family members?

KingFace is survived by Marion Krouser, his wife, and their son. Additionally, they maintained close ties to his late father who raised him as a single parent.

Q.How can I support KingFace’s family?

KingFace’s widow established a GoFundMe page in August 2020 to assist with medical expenses related to his illness, raising over $80,000 by his passing.


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