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Hardee’s Near Me: News And Location Current Update


Hardee’s Near Me: Wilbur Hardee opened the first Hardee’s in Greenville, North Carolina, in 1960.

The success of the initial Hardee’s was almost immediate, and the company now has over 1,800 locations across the United States.

While some of the menu items have changed over the years, it is still a perennial favourite!

Continue reading to learn more about the breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus at Hardee’s. We’ll also go over their secret ‘off-menu’ foods, as well as options for those of you who are gluten-free, meat-free, or just want to eat healthier.

Locations of Hardee’s Near Me

Hardee's Near Me

How can I find a Hardee’s near me?” you might be wondering. or “Where can I find the nearest Hardee’s?” The quickest method to find out is to utilise the map linked at the top of this page.

You can also use the Hardee’s store locator. Enter your current ZIP code into their search engine, and it will show you the closest restaurants.

Hardee’s Business Hours

Opening hours differ each location, but you may use the Hardee’s store locator (linked above) to find out not only where your local Hardee’s is, but also what its exact hours are.

Is there a Hardee’s open 24 hours near me?

Hardee’s does provide 24-hour service at some of its locations, however this varies by location. The shop locator will show you which Hardee’s is open 24 hours a day near you.

Menu at Hardee’s

It’s difficult to write about Hardee’s without mentioning their ‘Made From Scratch’ biscuits. They are made fresh, as the name implies, and are a staple item that many believe to be Hardee’s hallmark dish.

Hardee’s also has a great range of burgers to go along with their biscuits. Call us old fashioned, but the Big Cheeseburger is our personal favourite.

The Mushroom and Swiss or Super Star with Cheese are also options, depending on your preferences.

Hardee’s Near Mealso has burritos, hard shell tacos, soft tacos, burrito bowls, quesadillas, and nachos if you want something a little spicy. The Beef Burrito Taco Salad, in particular, is a standout — it’s essentially a burrito bowl, but the bowl is a large crispy tortilla.

The Beans, Rice, and Cheese Burrito is a fantastic vegetarian choice. They also serve Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders and the Big Chicken Fillet Sandwich if you like chicken. On their website, you can see their entire menu.

Breakfast Hours at Hardee’s

Hardee’s breakfast hours are normally 6 a.m. to 10.30 a.m., so whether you’re an early riser or prefer to sleep in, that’s a pretty good window.

What is the Breakfast Menu at Hardee’s?

When it comes to breakfast, those ‘Made From Scratch’ biscuits mentioned earlier are a firm favourite. Given their popularity, they merit a second look, as there are a variety of solutions available:

• Sausage

• Bacon, Egg, and Cheese (Bacon, Egg, and Cheese)

• Omelette with a Toasted Toasted Toasted Toasted

• Gravy and Biscuits (more traditional)

• Raisin and cinnamon biscuits (if you prefer something sweet)

All of that, believe it or not, only touches the surface of the biscuit alternatives available. If biscuits aren’t your thing, croissants and breakfast burritos are also available. The full breakfast menu may be found here.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options at Hardee’s

Hardee’s has a ‘Beyond Meat’ option on all of their burgers. On their breakfast menu, they also feature a ‘Beyond Sausage’ option,

Both of which give a meat-free choice (that still tastes great)! Please keep in mind that these goods are prepared in the same environment as their meat products, therefore Hardee’s Near Me cannot guarantee that they will be completely devoid of meat.

Hardee’s also has a “Other Side” menu option that lets you “Veg it,” “Low-Carb it,” or “Trim it,” allowing you to tailor your order to your nutritional preferences.

By reversing the domain name of their regular website, you can find their “Other Side” site. (For example, instead of hardees.com, type seedrah.com.)

A mirrored version of the Hardee’s website can be found on seedrah.com, where you can learn more about their extensive menu options.

All you have to do to read it is hover over an element and it will turn around. If you’re feeling very resourceful, try holding a mirror up to your monitor.

The Hardee’s Secret Menu is a menu that only Hardee’s employees know about.

Honestly, whether the staff will accept your off-menu request is a matter of chance… But it can’t hurt to give it a shot, right?

The ‘Harold,’ which comprises of biscuits and gravy topped with hash browns, eggs, and cheese, is a popular choice.

The secret is to inquire whether they would be willing to put together something unique for you rather than asking for The Harold by name.

If they are, go ahead and tell them about The Harold. It’s a little out of the ordinary (and might only be worth trying during off-peak hours), but if everything goes well, there’s a big payout.

The only limit is your imagination once you’ve found a Hardee’s that will allow you order off the menu. Take pleasure in your food!

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