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Ultimate Custom Night Controls: Easiest Characters In UCN?


Ultimate Custom Night Controls : Tips, and Easter Eggs in ‘Ultimate Custom Night’

All Five Nights at Freddy’s fans can now participate in Ultimate Custom Night. With that in mind, the first few hours after the game’s release presented players with a lot of unanswered questions.

What controls are in place? What can you expect from the lore cutscenes? How am I going to win? This guide will tell you all you need to know about it.

Controls for the ‘Ultimate Custom Night’

In the current version of Custom Night, this menu is available, although it only appears once. Here are the important mappings you’ll need to make it through the night.

1: Power Generator
2: Ventilation That Isn’t Loud
3: Thermostat
4: A/C Power
5: International Music Box
6/X: Turn everything off
Flashlight (Z)
W: Close the Front Vent
A: Shut the left door.
Monitor (S)
D: Shut the Right Door
F: Shut the Side Vent
C: Go Fishing (Old Man Con.)
Close the advertisement: (El Chip)
Toggle Desk Fan with Spacebar
Main Menu (Esc.)

While playing the game on a PC, have this list ready on a second screen. If you haven’t played Five Nights at Freddy’s in a while, this layout can be confusing, so take your time getting to know everything.


It’s difficult to provide real techniques for winning in 50-20 mode, especially if you’re aiming to conquer it. That said, we’ll give you a few pointers on how to cope with the majority of the folks you’ll meet during your terrifying adventure.

When Golden Freddy appears, pull up your Monitor instead of staring at him.

  • Helpful: If you don’t click him off immediately, you’ll get a jumpscare.
  • Balloon Boy: He prefers the side vent, so keep it closed until he leaves. If he gains access, he will turn off your flashlight.
  • JJ: Has identical behaviour to Balloon Boy, but instead of disabling the flashlight, she disables the door controls.
  • Nightmare Fredbear/Nightmare: Only visible after they reach your door, with Fredbear on the left and Nightmare on the right. Close the doors behind them as swiftly as possible.
  • Freddy the Phantom: He just showed up at your workplace. Using your flashlight, shine it at him.
  • Old Man Consequences: Use the “C” key to catch a fish.
  • Puppet: Keep an eye on the Music Box, as always. If she gets out, she won’t be able to get back in, and your ventilation will deplete faster.
  • Nightmare Puppet: He emerges in the office at random times. Mousing over where he goes isn’t a good idea.
  • Music Man: If you make a lot of noise, you’ll end up with a cymbal-crashing death.
  • Nightmare Balloon Boy: He’s not deadly if he’s slouched. Shine your light on him if he stands up.
  • Happy Frog: She climbs into the vents and makes her way to your office’s hoses. 100% of the time, audio cues will keep her at bay. The Heater has no effect on her.
  • Mr. Hippo: He’s like Happy Frog, except he’s also repulsed by the Heater. He outruns Happy Frog in speed.
    Mr. Hippo’s pigpatch is the same as Mr. Hippo’s pigpatch, but faster.
  • Nedd Bear: Same as Pigpatch, only he’s faster and only gets fooled by sounds 50% of the time.

Orville Elephant is similar to Nedd Bear, however he is faster and is only deceived by audio 10% of the time.

He climbs through the front vent like a springtrap. Because he’s deafeningly quiet, the only thing you can do when you see him is close the door.

Molten Freddy is a rapid climber that lives in the vents. You can, however, use the Monitor to track him and hear him. To get rid of him, close the vent.

Ennard: They’re also in the vents, and they’re only trackable when they’re moving. Before attacking, he makes a squeak noise. Close the ductwork.

Phantom Mangle: Shows up on your monitor at random, so just close it when it does. If you don’t, Phantom Mangle will invade your office and make a racket.

Mangle: She comes in through the vents and doesn’t leave once she’s there. If she comes in, she’ll make a lot of noise and startle you. To keep her at bay, use the vent snare.

Withered Chica: Can be monitored with radar and can be blocked with the vent snare or door.

She is deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deaf Ennard, Molten Freddy, and Springtrap are unable to enter, while Mangle remains open for business. She may be able to squirm her way out and startle you.

Toy Bonnie: He enters through the right-hand trapdoor. Put on the Freddy mask and stare him down.

Toy Chica is similar to Toy Bonnie, however she arrives from the left side and is speedier. Direct touch with the Freddy mask puts her at risk.

Jack-O-Chica: Can appear at both the left and right doors at the same time. To make her leave, you must close both doors at the same time.

Rockstar Chica: She stands outside the workplace on both sides. Double-click the wet floor sign in front of the door where she is now standing.

Freddy Fazbear: He appears from the left and approaches the door. He walks away when you close the door. In a warmer office, he moves faster.

Phantom Balloon Boy: At various times, he appears on the Monitor. To avoid a scare, close it or switch cameras.

Phone Guy: He makes a lot of noise when he calls. Keep an eye out for the mute button and press it as quickly as possible. Mini-Freddies will fill your desk, and you must shine your light on them.

Nightmare Freddy: Mini-Freddies will fill your desk, and you must shine your light on them.

Chica: As long as you change the music box when she stops making noise, she’ll stay in the kitchen. If you don’t succeed, she will leave the kitchen and never return.

Lefty: Noise and heat irritate him. The Global Music Box is the only method to calm him down.

El Chip: He’s an ad guy. To skip them, press enter.

Withered Bonnie: He creeps in while you’re watching the Monitor, but he has audio cues that cause the screen to be disrupted. He’ll flee if you swiftly put on the Freddy mask. She postures and you can’t get away from her, but she won’t jumpscare you.

Toy Freddy: In the Parts and Services area, Toy Freddy is playing Five Nights With Mr. Hugs. To prevent Hugs from entering Freddy’s office, click the cameras on his screen. He’ll come to the office and intimidate you if he loses a game.

Funtime Foxy: A showtime is listed at random on his Pirate’s Cove sign. That’s when he’ll show up at your office and murder you. If you monitor him as the hour approaches showtime, he will remain silent for several hours.

Ballora: She appears on the left or right side of your screen and disables your cameras. Before she enters, use acoustic clues to close the correct door.

Bonnie the Rockstar: He’s basically good, and if you click his parrot when it comes into your office, he’ll drop your metres. If you do that, though, he may jumpscare you.

Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie

Nightmare Mangle: They attack in a random order from the right and only attack once per night. Keep the right door shut or go to the Prize Counter and buy the associated Plush.

Each Plush must be purchased in the sequence in which the characters appear. By defending against other animatronics or seeing them on your cameras, you can earn Faz-Coins. These can be used to purchase the Plush.

William Afton: He attacks only once at random and from the right. Close the door as soon as the lights flicker.

Scrap Baby: She appears at your office, drooping. If you suspect she moved, use the shock panel to shock her. She’ll startle you the next time you bring up your Monitor if you don’t notice she’s relocated.

Rockstar Freddy: He wants Faz-Coins, and you have to give them to him. Turn increase the heat for a few seconds if you can’t.

Bonnie: If your camera is on him when he peeks behind the curtain, it will be scrambled for a long time. Keep an eye on the figure on your desk, and avoid going to the Cove if Bonnie is visible.

Trash and the Gang: Is only interested in making noise to disturb you. If he’s not being observed, he’ll slip bits of himself through any opening. He’ll scare you the next time you bring up the Monitor if all four parts get into your office.

Dee Dee: Randomly adds an animatronic to your game. The enemies listed below can be spawned.
Bonnie’s Shadow: For 10 seconds, your office will be black, and there is no way to avoid him.

Plushtrap: He appears on a computer screen and must be frightened out of his chair with a click. He’ll catch you if you don’t do it quickly enough.

Nightmare Chica: She advances slowly, her mouth open, but you can push her back with the Heater.

Bonnet: When she arrives on screen, click her nose if she’s summoned.

Minireena: Randomly covers your screen. When you hear his audio disruption, type “LOL.”

Fredbear: Click his hat if you don’t want to be terrified.

To earn cool office skins and amusing sequences, use these tactics to complete 50-20 night or any of the 16 separate challenges. Cutscenes from ‘Ultimate Custom Night’

Users have already datamined Ultimate Custom Night’s cutscenes to expose the mysteries they hold, despite the fact that nearly no one has yet mastered 50-20 mode.

They’re largely frivolous and have little to do with the plot we’re familiar with, but they’re entertaining to watch.

The first series of cutscenes depicts a historical war between Freddy and Foxy, which some believe is an analogy for the Afton brothers’ familial struggle.

The chapters of Yandere Chica in which Toy Chica lures numerous of her classmates, dismantles them, and stuffs their parts into her suitcase are far more unsettling.

We might gain a picture of the two Afton sons and the deadly William Afton, who is symbolised by Chica, if we combine these two stories. This would fit with widespread belief that FNaF’s entire tale revolves around the Afton family.

A writhing 3D model of Golden Freddy appears in the ostensibly last cutscene. This leads us to believe that the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise will continue beyond Ultimate Custom Night.
Eggs for Easter

As players spend more time playing Ultime Custom Night, they’ll continue to find Easter eggs, but here are a few quick appearances that have gone viral in the last few hours.

Funtime Chica’s Pose: Seriously, this image encapsulates everything that is unnerving about certain areas of the Five Nights at Freddy’s fandom.

Chica’s Ultimate Custom Night Funtime
It’s disconcerting to be distracted by Funtime Chica. Scott is a game developer.

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