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Japanese Actor Toru Watanabe Died At The Age Of 61


The shocking news that Toru Watanabe, the actor and comedian, has died is breaking the news. At the age of 61, he breathed his final on November 28, 2022. Read further to know how Toru Watanabe died?

His sudden death left a deep impression on all of his family members and well-wishers. It seems that no one believes the news that he is dead.

After the tragic news was announced, condolence messages and tribute posts flooded social media. Find out his fate and how he died.

How did Toru Watanabe die?

Toru Watanabe Died

People have been flocking to social media to offer their condolences to the man they lost since the announcement. Many people have lost their hearts to his tragic passing.

According to the theatre company’s announcement Watanabe was admitted to hospital after he complained of stomach pains and a fever on Nov. 20, after being diagnosed as having bacterial gastroenteritis.

Yuta, his oldest son and actor, will preside over his funeral. His immediate family will also attend. A separate memorial service will also be held.

Watanabe, a native of Ibaraki Prefecture, made his television debut on the hit series “Taiyo ni Hoero!” While still studying acting at a Bungakuza-affiliated school, he roared at the sun in 1981.

He was a detective who joined the series. His attractive appearance helped him quickly rise to stardom.

His song, “Yakusoku” (promise), was popularized in 1982 as the soundtrack to a TV commercial for chocolate. His upbeat personality has earned him appearances on variety TV shows.

Watanabe, 63, and Ikue Sakakibara (63), are well-known celebrities. According to Bungakuza (the Japanese theatre group to whom he belonged), Watanabe was admitted at the hospital with stomach pains and fever on November 20, according to reports.

Watanabe, a native of eastern Japan, enrolled in the Bungakuza connected actors’ school in 1980. He rose to fame in the following year as a teenage investigator on the TV drama “Taiyo ni Hoero.” He made his acting debut in 1983 in a prominent role.

Watanabe’s single “Yakusoku” sold over 500,000 copies. It was also featured in an ad on TV. Follow Chopnews to receive the most recent news and updates.

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