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Carmen Tanti Dead: Know About His Death Reason


Carmen Tanti dead: He died at the age of 75 years old. This is shocking news. Before three years, she married Joe Tanti, her singer husband.

The Greenfields was formed in 1970 by Charles Bajada, the guitarist. She lived with her two children, and her husband. Clive and Mayra are her children.

There were too many people listening to her music and she had too many admirers around the globe. Many questions have been raised about her death. Her fans want to know what caused it.

Greenfields Singer Carmen Tanti Dead

Carmen Tanti Dead

Carmen’s cause of death has not been confirmed. His family has not yet revealed the cause of his death. She was 75 years old, so her death could happen in her long life.

However, it is impossible to say too soon. The Greenfields are a Maltese folk band that Joe Tatni, Carmen Tanti and Charles Bajada, both from Hamrun, founded in 1970.

This was broadcast on numerous television and radio stations. These songs were a rare mix of traditional gana-style songs with modern folk music. They are included on the Greenfields’ popular albums.

Carmen Tanti and her husband Joe Tanti created the Greenfields in 1970. They had never married, but Carmen Tanti was only three years old when she got married to Joe Tanti.

The Greenfields’ singing and sound became the foundation of Maltese folk in the 1970s.

The Greenfields broadcast the Hamrun Little Sister of Poor chapel live to a Maltese audience via Television Malta, thanks to an unlikely success of a “folk-music-themed” mass.

The leader of The Cana Movement invites her group and broadcasts her to the Good Friday broadcast.

This broadcast was the start of The Greenfields’ television program on 6 March 1970. Charles Bajada, one of The Greenfields’ founders, left the group in 1990. He died that year.

Marvin Aquilina and Stefan Sant, Marvin Aquilina and Kevin Zahra shared their condolences and RIP messages to Carmen Tanti after her death.

Joseph Micallef, one of her fans, also commented that it was very sad to hear about the passing of Carmen Tanti from The Greenfields.

Although I didn’t get to know her well, we did meet Joe and Carmen at many different places. Many people, and their loyal fans, are sharing their love with her via social media and the internet.

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