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Torrey Moore: Murder Suspect of Pregnant Women


We are happy to share with you the news that Torrey Moore has been arrested following a search warrant at Enclave Apts. Torrey Moore was taken into custody in the case of Clerk’s Murder.

The news broke on the internet recently and it went viral on many social media sites. The news quickly became a hot topic.

Uncounted reactions to the news made it viral on social media. We have more information on the news, which we will share with you in this article.

Who is Torrey Moore?

Torrey Moore was identified as the suspect and he was taken into police custody in connection with the Store Clerk’s Murder investigation.

The flat belonged to the suspect at Moco gas station was found with a decaying body of a woman.

On Thursday, Montgomery County police charged Torrey Moore of murdering a White Oak gas station worker.

Police found a woman in her eighteen-months of pregnancy at his flat. She had already died and was in the process rotting.

According to police, she was eighteen months pregnant. Scroll down to see more details about the news.

Police in Maryland discovered a woman’s eight-month-old body in a man’s closet.

This was in connection to the death at a convenience store gas station worker.

Montgomery County police discovered the shocking discovery in the home of Torrey Moore, 31 years old, who had killed Ayalew Widimu, 61, earlier in the day at the Dash in Convenience Store at a Shell Station.

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Torrey Moore is Suspect of Killing a Pregnant lady

The news spread quickly on social media, with many people sharing it. Sources tell CBS Baltimore that Moore started crying at the cashier while he paid for goods. The man then shot Moore when the argument became serious.

Detectives were later able to identify Moore’s residence after he was captured on surveillance footage crossing the street towards an apartment building. On Friday morning, a SWAT team entered his rental.

A news conference was held on Friday. We have provided all information regarding the news, if any. Keep checking chopnews for additional updates

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