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Top 5 Food Festivals in India


Hello, everyone today I am going to share some interesting facts on the five of our Food Festivals in India. India and the different foods are synonymous for us.

There are many Indians in abroad, who were really missing our Indian food just more than anything else.

As it also for a Delhiite living in Mumbai, or a Mumbaikar living in Delhi.

This is only reasons that Indian cuisine is one of the most famous cuisines across the world. It has So, many varieties as well. If you missed something in any case, then It will take months to try all the dishes of India to have found some cool food festivals, that will also give a nice introduction to our Indian cuisine. Here are some of Top Five Foods Festivals in India.

1. Restaurant Week India

Restaurant Week India

Restaurant Week is a celebration of the finest Food and culinary experiences at the formal fine dining restaurants across India. Currently it was held across the states of Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Restaurant Week introduces the three-course food fixed menus priced at a fraction of reasonable rates.

This Festival allows every participating restaurant to showcase their food by selecting their different dishes to represent their philosophy and the diners to get the experience in the restaurants which they may have hesitated from trying those dishes. More importantly, however, it is a celebration of some best restaurants of our country which has to offer a time for us to be proud.

2. National Street Food Festival

National Street Food Festiva

It is very hard to fully appreciate the Indian cuisine without giving a try to taste the Indian street food. To taste the street food with less Rush and more Cleanliness, you can visit to Street Food Festival which is organized by National Association of Street Vendors of India.

This association brings all the hidden food gems of India under one roof. You just think of your favorite street dish and it will be here.

Paratha gullies, chat corners, golgappa bazaars bring parathas, kachori, samosa, dosa, jalebis, papdichaat and what not! You can see the real India, the way Indians eat, behave and what people talk while eating local dishes.

3. Asian Hawkers Market

Asian Hawkers Market

Almost, spread over three days, the Asian Hawkers Market is a unique one with one-of-its kind called al fresco food festival with sights, sounds, smells and tastes that could easily be not mistaken for the streets of a busy Southeast Asian market.

With the food stalls serving a variety of dim sums, sushi rolls, tempura, stir fries and seafood platter, this festival brings the best of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisines under the one roof.

On the Asian Hawkers Market serves many foods of Asian countries which we never forget as the taste of this food festival is something very Delicious and Colorful to seen this type of Food Festival.

4. Goa Food and Cultural Festival

Goa Food and Cultural Festival

A Goa Tourism Development Corporation take the initiative to arrange this Food Festival. Goa Food and Cultural Festival is a celebration of the state’s sunshine and authentic cuisine of different delicacies, rich heritage. With over 70 stalls serving with the much-loved traditional delicacies of Gathas festival shows why Goan cuisine is just much more than fish curry and rice.

5. Sattvik Food Festival

This Food Festival is Organized by the NGO called Sristi for the past fourteen years, Sattvik Food Festival has over best 75 stalls selling healthy, delicious and innovative dishes from across the country.

Popular specialties in Foods includes oats tikki chaat, makai na paania, soya cutlets, spinach roll, beetroot halwa, dates biscuits, pineapple jalebi, tomato halwa, aloe vera pickle, red bhindi juice and organic soya paneer. This Food Festival is different from the other states Food Festival because it is full of Organic food and which is healthy too.

So, these are the Top Five Food Festivals in India which surrounds the different states with its different Cuisine’s Delicacies. If any Queries or Question please feel free to comment your view points.