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Top Five Dams in Uttarakhand


Top Five Dams in Uttarakhand: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some interesting facts on The Top Five Dams in the Uttarakhand. The Uttarakhand, the popular state lying to the North of India is the famous for its many dams but the Tehri Dam is its most famous showpiece. It is not only the highest dam in India but also the tallest dam in the world. The Uttarakhand boasts of the several other big and the small dams which were built over the years for the various purposes. Here are a List of The Top Five dams in the state of Uttarakhand.

Top Five Dams in Uttarakhand

1. The Tehri Dam

Top Five Dams in Uttarakhand

The Tehri Dam which is later expanded to include in the Tehri Development Project is the state’s chief hydroelectric project which is situated in the Tehri Town in the seismic gap of the central Himalayas. It was completed in the year 2005. The region is like extremely earthquake prone but the dam has been built to withstand an earthquake which is inthe magnitude of 7.2 on the Richter scale according to the authorities.

The Tehri has a power generation capacity of 2400 MW and also it meets the irrigation needs of an area encompassing around 270,000 hectares. This dam also supplies around 270 million gallons of the drinking water per day to the industrialized areas of the Delhi, Uttar Pradesh apart from the Uttarakhand. The dam is 575 meters in the length and 260.5 meters in the height. The full reservoir level of the Tehri Dam is around 830 meters.

2. The Dhauliganga Dam

Top Five Dams in Uttarakhand

The Dhauliganga Dam is another major dam in the Uttarakhand. It is located in the triangle between the India, and also its neighboring states. The construction of the dam and its functioning is jointly supervised by the Kajima Corporation of the Japan and Daewoo Corporation of the Republic of the Korea. The Work on the dam commenced in the year of 2000 and it was completed in the year of 2005. It was also built for the hydroelectric power generation and forthe water storage purposes. This concrete faced dam has a length of around 270 meters and it is raised to a height of about 56 meters. The full reservoir level of the Dhauliganga Dam is about the 70 meters.

3. The Ramganga Dam

Top Five Dams in Uttarakhand

The Ramganga Dam is another major dam of the Uttarakhand and it has been constructed to serve the state’s electricity and the irrigation needs. It is an earth and the rock filled dam situated on the Ramganga river. The Construction of this dam began in the year of 1961 and it was completed in the year of 1974. The Ramganga Dam is around 128 meters tall and also 715 meters long.

This dam is approximately the three kilometers upstream of the Kalagarh in the Pauri District. The dam produces approximately around 450 million units of the hydro-electricity annually and it contributes around the six cumec of the potable water through the UGC System to Delhi and its adjoining areas. The dam was the highest rock fill and the earth fill dam in the Asia when it was completed in the year of 1974.

4. The Koteshwar Dam

Top Five Dams in Uttarakhand

The Koteshwar Dam is a gravity dam on the Bhagirathi River, which is located 22 km (14 mi) downstream of the Tehri Dam in theTehri District, Uttarakhand in India. The dam is part of the Tehri Hydropower Complex and it is serves to regulate the Tehri Dam’s tailrace for the irrigation and it create the lower reservoir of the Tehri Pumped Storage Power Station. In addition to this, this dam has a 400 MW run-of-the-river power station. The project was approved in the year 2000 and its first generator was commissioned on the 27thMarch 2011, the second on the 30thMarch 2011. The construction site had been inundated in the year September 2010 by the floods. The diversion tunnel was later blocked collapse of the hill in the year December 2010. The spillway was commissioned in the year Jan, 2011.The last two generators were made operational in the year March 2012. It is used for generating the hydroelectricity and has an installed the capacity of 400 MW. The dam is 300.5 meters in the length and it has a height of 97.5 meters.

5. The Ichari Dam

Top Five Dams in Uttarakhand

The Ichari Dam is a concrete gravity dam on the Tons River 13 km from the north of Dakpathar in Uttarakhand in India. The primary purpose of the dam is the hydroelectric power production and it is a run-of-the-river-type. It was completed in the year 1972. The dam diverts the water to the Chibro Power Station with the (240 MW) which is then returned to the Tons River before it is being fed to the Khodri Power Station (120 MW).

The plant was commissioned in the year 1975 and was the first power plant built underground in the Northern India. It is adjacent to the dam and on its left bank, the water is diverted into a 6.2 km and head-race tunnel which leads south to the underground power station. The water powers four 60 MW Francis turbine-generators. The water discharged from the Chibro Power Plant which is returned into the Tons River just 100 m (328 ft) which is upstream of the intake for the Khodri Power Station.

So, these are The Top Five Dams in Uttarakhand. If any Queries or Questions is persist then please feel free to comment your view points.

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