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Top Books to Prepare for JEE Main


Top Books to Prepare for JEE Main: There are only 3-4 months left for the most sought national level engineering entrance exam, i.e., JEE Main 2019.  The exam will be held twice a year in online mode. The first attempt will be taken up in January and second in the month of April. The JEE Main Result will be announced tentatively on January 31, 2019.

Top Books to Prepare for JEE Main

Books to Prepare for JEE Main

With a major overhaul happening in exam pattern from next year, the National Test Agency has assured that there will be no change in the syllabus for JEE Main. This goes well with every JEE aspirant as they can be at ease of finishing the syllabus on time without worrying about the changes.

Among all the worries bothering the students, ‘which book to study from?’ takes the first place. Students by now are already in the process of preparation and might just need guidance on which books to study from for JEE Main. While a bad book can low down any level of preparation, a good book will not only help in cracking exam but achieve the desired result.

Here, we have provided a list of Top JEE Main books which are highly recommended by subject experts and previous years’ toppers. It is important to note that no single book shall cover all the topics across all three subjects. Engineering aspirants might have to refer more than one book for a subject or a single book for a very important topic. Read on to understand what all books to refer based on the syllabus for JEE Main 2019.

JEE Main Syllabus
Before we delve further, let’s take into consideration the syllabus for each subject thereafter we’ll go through the top books to study. Keep in mind to have a mix of the best book along with NCERT.

JEE Main 2019 – Physics
Physics is a very tricky subject that requires a stronghold over theory and its application. If we look at the pattern of JEE Main Physics paper then 80% of questions in section A covers the theoretical part and the remaining 20% are based on practical knowledge. Let’s take a look at the important topics that your book should ideally cover.

Important Topics For JEE Main Physics    

Oscillation and Waves
Modern Physics
Electromagnetic Induction and AC
Current Electricity
Dual nature of matter and radiation
Communication system

A book should have the right amount of theory with practical problems and solutions as per the syllabus. Don’t miss out on the problems and solutions part as practicing after studying is a prerequisite to cover a topic. Students must also understand that textbooks form the base and the books provided below are to hone your knowledge.

Top Books for JEE Main 2019 – Physics

  • Concepts of Physics, H. C. Verma
  • Problems in General Physics, I. E. Irodov
  • University Physics, Freedman and Young
  • Fundamentals of Physics, Halliday, Resnick and Walker
  • Problem In Physics, SS Krotov
  • Understanding JEE physics series, DC Pandey

JEE Main 2019 – Chemistry
While Chemistry is a vast subject concentrated more on theory and less on calculations and formulae, to some students it seems a tedious subject as learning theoretical concepts is a difficult task. A list of important topics is provided below which will help you in preparing well.

Important Topics For JEE Main Chemistry

Atomic StructureMetallurgy
Gaseous & Liquid StateQualitative Analysis
Chemical KineticsMole Concept
Nuclear & Surface ChemistryIonic Equilibrium
Chemical BondingSolid State
d-Block Elementss-Block Elements
Co-ordination CompoundPeriodic Classification
Alkyl HalidesClassification & Nomenclature
Chemical EquilibriumAlcohol & Ether
Redox & Volumetric AnalysisNitrogen Compounds & Aliphatic Amines
SolutionsBiomolecules and Polymers

Divided into organic and inorganic chemistry, candidates will find books dedicated to one of the two sections. Check the list below:

Top Books for JEE Main Chemistry

  • University Chemistry, Freedman and Young
  • Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations, RC Mukherjee
  • Concise Inorganic, J. D. Lee
  • Organic Chemistry, Morrison and Boyd
  • Organic Chemistry, Solomons and Fryhle
  • Physical Chemistry, N Awasthi
  • A Practice Book of Chemistry – JEE Main & JEE Advanced, R.K Gupta

JEE Main 2019 – Mathematics
Mathematics in the simplest words means problems. It can be either easy for students or hard for most of them. For those who find it easy to know that Mathematics is highly scoring because of calculations. For students who find it difficult face difficulty in learning formulae, logic and application of concepts altogether. Either way, it gives sleepless nights to students because of its vast syllabus.

Important Topics For JEE Main Physics

3-D GeometryLimit and Continuity
Probability and StatisticsMatrices and Determinants
Vector AlgebraStraight Lines and Pair of Straight Lines
IntegrationInverse Trigonometric Functions
Complex NumbersCircles and Family of Circles
ParabolaSequence and Series
Trigonometric RatiosInverse Trigonometric Functions
Applications of DerivativeLogarithms
Permutation and CombinationQuadratic Equations
Binomial TheoremTheory of Equations
LocusSets, Relations and Functions

The book you decide to choose must have ample problems and solved solutions so that a topic is covered in entirety. A list of top books for Mathematics is provided below:

Top Books For JEE Main Mathematics

  • Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics, A Das Gupta Solutions
  • Higher Algebra, Hall and Knight
  • Calculus and Analytic Geometry, Thomas and Finney
  • IIT Mathematics for JEE (Main & Advanced), M.L Khanna
  • Trigonometry, S L Loney
  • Differential and Integral Calculus, N. Piskunov
  • Coordinate Geometry, S.L. Loney
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