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TOP 7 TRENDING AND STYLISH iPhone 8 PLUS COVERS: iPhone is one of the most expensive devices and it is extremely important to protect your iPhone from all kinds of damage which can occur due to scratches or if your phone falls out of your hands. Daily Objects , casemate, spigen are some of the perfect place to find all kinds of phone covers be it of any kind. You will find several types of designs and the most stylish and unique patterns can be found here which can make your iPhone look much more trendy and stylish.



1. DailyObject Adventure Map case cover for iPhone 8 Plus

Made up of very thin and light polycarbonate material, the iPhone 8 Plus Covers has a smooth and scam free edge which feels wonderful on hand. The realistic print quality on the cover has a lifetime replacement guarantee. The slim cover protects the mobile phone from cracks and bumps that may occur due to any impact or drops. The cover has incredible precedes cutouts for the charger as well as headphones.

2. Olixar Flexi-Shield Gel Case- Gold

The Flexishield Gel case has a strong build and is manufactured from durable gel material which has excellent flexibility and long lasting protection. The design of the case is slim and does not add any extra bulk, filling perfectly in your jeans pocket. The Olixar gel case comes with a non-slip coating which provides an additional grip so that the chances of your iPhone getting dropped on the floor is minimized.

3. Love Cases Shine Bright Like a Diamond

The bright case lives up to the name. The geometric designs appeals to a huge number of customers, due to its unique look. The back of the case is not smooth but is instead textured. This look suits the iPhone 8 Plus Cover as it is non-scratchy and is available in a variety of colors. The polycarbonate material along with the gel bumper protects the mobile phone perfectly and due to the glitzy glamour, gives an attractive look to the phone. The Cases Shine Bright mobile case has been designeespeciallyly for iPhone Plus series where all the necessary areas are exposed including the rear camera, volume keys and the charging port.

4. CROCOZ Genuine Led Leather Case

The CROCOZ leather case is available in three colors including red, black and brown. The eye-catching design is extremely stylish by being made in a crocodile leather style. The cover consists of a two-tone design along with extra protection to the screen due to the raised bezel. This feature helps in the prevention of scratches as well as from the shattering of the screen. The fine cutouts for easy access around the charging ports, volume key and camera ensure that you can use your iPhone perfectly without any hindrance.  

5. Daily Objects watercolor palette case cover for iPhone 8 Plus

The slim cover made up of polycarbonate material, is extremely lightweight and gives no additional bulk to your phone. The précised outputs provides a clean and scam less look to the iPhone 8 Plus Cover. The photo-realistic print has a lifetime replacement guarantee.

6. Olixar Leather Style Wallet in Rose Gold

The leather style wallet is currently in trend with a huge number of customers opting for such cases. This Olixar leather style wallet is very much affordable along with a luxurious look it also speaks of simplicity. The wallet style is very practical with packets of cards and a stand which makes watching videos much more easier.

7. Moshi Vitros Slim Case in Rose Gold

The Moshi Vitros Case gives an eccentric look with its latest bumper design. The back of the case comes in a semi-transparent look with a rose gold surrounding. The slim case does not obscure the design and looks of your iPhone along with providing safety and durability. The easy way to install the iPhone 8 Plus Cover is very light and does not give an extra bulk to your iPhone.

There are numerous kinds of cases and covers available with hundreds and thousands of designs and patterns. The ultimate goal is the protection of your mobile phone without compromising with the look. So, you can choose any cases from the above list, which provide durability as well as a stylish look. If you want to know more about 5 Best iphone XS covers that you must buy then visit Here.

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