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Top 5 Stallone Films Where He Doesn’t Shoot, Punch or Injure Anyone


Top 5 Stallone Films: Sylvester Stallone never manages to avoid getting into trouble. He either punches, shoots, or both punches and shoots someone in almost every movie he’s ever produced. He continues to play these kinds of roles even at the age of 76. For instance, in his new Paramount+ series Tulsa King, he plays an ex-mobster who surely gets into a lot of fights.

Yet, Stallone is an Oscar winner who has approximately 100 credits listed on his IMDb profile, indicating that there are certain films in his filmography where he doesn’t physically harm another person. And yet, he always gets into some sort of conflict, even in the movies where you’d assume he’d be peaceful. He engages in a bar fight in Rhinestone, in which he portrays a country singer, and he hits a woman with a belt in The Party at Kitty and Stud’s, a softcore “porn” movie he appeared in before Rocky. (Yikes!)

Yet, after much fast-forwarding, I was able to discover that Sly only appears in six films, not counting cameos or animated films, without injuring or killing anyone. According to how much of a softie he is in them, they are listed here.

1. Daylight

The least soft character on this list is Kit Latura because, while not being Rocky or Rambo, he is still a real badass. Daylight is a disaster film about a group of people who are caught in the Holland Tunnel, for those who are unaware. Stallone portrays a tough-guy NYC cab driver who enters the tunnel to rescue the day. More significantly, he portrays Manhattan’s former EMS head.

Daylight is a classic action-thriller from the 1990s, complete with obnoxious musical selections and unfathomable amounts of fire. Stallone performs a lot of fantastic action stuff in it, like as smashing a hole in the tunnel wall, and it’s really entertaining. But he only truly strikes that one item. Latura is a blatantly stereotyped Stallone character, therefore it’s simply astonishing that he never causes harm to anyone.

2. Driven

Stallone plays a retired race car driver in arguably the greatest casting mistake of his career, returning to the sport to compete since, I suppose, no one else can race like he does? (It’s difficult to tell.) For our purposes, it is just important that he refrains from striking or shooting anyone. But, despite the obvious lack of pugilism, racing cars is a fairly macho activity, so he can’t be that soft.

3. Shade

Shade, a gambling/heist film produced after Ocean’s Eleven, follows a group of criminals as they attempt to defeat the top poker player in Los Angeles. Stallone plays “The Dean,” a legendary poker player that the group is attempting to defeat in the film. (Spoiler: Stallone triumphs, and he continues to be L.A.’s top poker player.)

The Dean, his first name and nickname, is only a supporting character who raises a lot of bets and isn’t given enough screen time to have a fully developed character. He is portrayed by Stallone, and the film goes out of its way to emphasise how slick and skilled at poker he is, so we know he is supposed to be difficult. Yet, in my opinion, he is still not as tough as an EMS chief or a race car driver.

4. Reach Me

Stallone plays a news website editor who alternately shouts and offers motivational phrases in yet another miscast. He doesn’t appear in the film all that often, but the speeches he does offer have a respectable degree of nuance and tenderness.

5. Creed

Although Rocky Balboa came in first on this list, I think that shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise. Rocky’s empathy has always been what makes the Rocky movies so lovable, despite the fact that they are about boxing. Stallone, of course, spends the entire six-film Rocky series throwing various punches, but by the time he gets to the Creed series, he’s gentle and elderly, drinking tea and donning old-lady glasses. Although he doesn’t fight, he nonetheless has a Rocky-like air despite being primarily pleasant.

If you’re a fan of Sylvester Stallone and wondering if he’s ever played a non-violent role, then check out these 5 films where he doesn’t harm anyone. And if you want more entertainment news, follow chopnews!