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Top 5 Places to Eat Street Food in Mumbai


Top 5 Places to Eat Street Food in Mumbai: Hey guys hello welcome to my post. Are you thinking to visit Mumbai this vacations? Then I must say this is a great idea. Mumbai also known as The City Of Dreams not only for its Bollywood background but also for many things. One of them I can say is its food. This city has a good variety of food items not only in five star restaurants but also on the streets. I guess some people would like street food more than multi cuisine restaurants (just like me).

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Top 5 Places to Eat Street Food in Mumbai

I can help you out a little in this. In the following article I’ll be describing Top 5 Place To Eat Street Food In Mumbai. Read the post till end to get a gist of the food items and their places. Are you’ll ready to go on a foodie ride?

1. Juhu Chawpatty

Juhu Chawpatty Food
Juhu Chawpatty Food

Juhu Chawpatty is the center of attraction for all travelers in Mumbai. Juhu Chawpatty is not only known for its blissful beach but also for its delicious food stalls that every traveller wants to cherish. This is a point where one can enjoy a good variety of foods. You can enjoy variety of chat items (snacks made of Indian spices and fried puris) like Pani Puri, Sev Puri , Ragda Pattice (made of boiled potatoes peas and spices) etc. Also no one can ignore the mouth watering  Bombay Bhel.

You will find Dosas of a huge variety, the gola walla ( Gola is made of crushed ice and flavoured it with different jellies and curd and served on a stick), Dabeli stall (Dabeli is a snack made by putting potatoes mixed with some spices and nuts served in a pav i.e indian bread with variety of chutney.) If you are in Mumbai and not tried Vada Pav,Misal Pav and Pav Bhaji then your trip was just like a big flaw. These items are very tasty and famous in Mumbai. So all I can say is Juhu Chawpatty is a mini food island where you can enjoy variety of street food.

Address: 1, Juhu Tara Rd, Airport Area, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049.

2. Bademiyan

Bademiyan Street Food
Bademiyan Street Food

When it comes to Mumbai one cannot miss its non vegetarian food. Bademiyan is a food joint where you will find a good number of non vegetarian food items. The most famous out of them is the Chiken tikka roll. Also you cannot ignore the seek kababs, variety of curries, keema pav, biryanis, rumali roties, etc. Not only it serves non vegetarian food but also serves couple of vegetarian items like Paneer tikka, paneer bhurji, Veg Biryani, Veg Kababs, etc. The special thing that one will like is that it is open till the late night just like it is said for the city that “Mumbai never sleeps”.You can enjoy the food within 12 pm to 1:00 am.

Address: Behind Hotel Taj Mahal, Tullock Road, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400039.                    

3. B Merwan & Co

B Merwan & Co Street Food
B Merwan & Co Street Food

Irani cafes are also a place to street foods. This is a cafe in which all its customers are waiting in a que enjoy the delicacies. Mawa cake is very famous of this cafe. Many people visit it from distances to enjoy mawa cake. You can also enjoy the taste of Merwan chai (tea), Brun Butter , Bun Maska, etc. So visit it today at the given address below.

Address: Shop No. 1/ 2, Merwan Building, Frere Bridge, Allibhai Premji Road, Opp Grant Road Station East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400007.

4. Haji Ali Juice Centre

Haji Ali Juice Centre Food
Haji Ali Juice Centre Food

It is well known for its tasty juices, milkshakes, creamy fusions. Also you get Pizzas , Sandwiches and to name a few. It serves variety milkshakes like Apple, dry fruit, cocktail, custard apple, blueberry, kiwi, etc.. Different Faloodas are prepared here like the  dry friut, rose ,mango, anjir, etc.. And the special thing I like is the cream and fruit. You are served a fruit bowl with nice thick cream.

Address: Lala Lajpatrai Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400026.

5. Zam Zam Sweets & Bakery

Zam Zam Sweets & Bakery Food
Zam Zam Sweets & Bakery Food

After enjoying a Big Fat Indian Meal one cannot forget to enjoy the dessert. If it comes to Sweets in Mumbai then my personal favorite is Zam Zam Sweets & Bakery. It also has branches in the same city.  You will see a huge variety of sweets like Malai, Khaja, Peda MAwa BArfi, etc.. But of all these my personal favorite is Aflatoon this is a sweet that melts as you put it on your tongue. Other than this you can enjoy variety of cakes that are as tasty as the other sweets.So don’t wait and complete your meal by enjoying this fabulous sweets.

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So here we end our delicious foodie ride. Go and explore these places to enjoy delicacies of Mumbai and make your stomach a blissful foodie experience. Do try these foods and let us know in the comments section below.

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