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Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Mumbai You Don’t Want to Visit


Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Mumbai You Don’t Want to Visit: Hey friends how are you’ll doing? Mumbai is a great place where many people visit to achieve their dreams. The busy life, the filmy background and awesome places to visit are the key features of the city. If you believe that if there is God then there must be devil too so I must say you should read this article. Even Mumbai is one such place. In the following article I will be writing about Top 5 most haunted places in Mumbai you don’t want to visit.

Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Mumbai You Don’t Want to Visit

1. The Tower of Silence

The Tower of Silence is situated in the Malabar hills of Mumbai. It is also known as the Parsi Bawdi. This place is around 100 years old. It is used as a Parsi cremation center. It is closed for the other community then Parsi. There are three big rings known as Dakhmas where the dead body is left to be eaten by the eagles and vultures. This place looks the scariest at the night time. The blood all around in the dakhma and the leftovers of the bodies adds a ghostly touch to this place. There are many people who reported paranormal activities at this place.

2. Vrindavan society

Vrindavan society

The Vrindavan Society is situated in Thane Mumbai. This society is famous for its slapping ghost. This place started reporting paranormal incidents since a middle aged man suicide from his balcony by jumping down. People believe that the ghost of this man still roams in the Vrindavan society. Many people say that they have experienced someone slapping tight on their faces. The slap was so intense that he almost fell down off his chair.

3. Aarey milk colony

Aarey milk colony of Mumbai has the most scenic beauty on its roads. Many scenes of films are shot here, but let me tell you they pack up before it turns dark in the night. Many people say that there is a spirit of a ghost that is really Scary. There are many who have experienced the ghost on this road. But all of them the famous one is of the spirit of a lady. This lady is seen crying under a tree when someone stops to see here suddenly it turns into the spirit of a devil. This spirit jumps on the car of that person. As the person increases the speed the lady runs with the speed of the car.

4. Mukesh Mills

Mukesh Mills

The Mukesh Mills is located in Colaba Mumbai. This place was built around 1975. Many shoots are done at this place. The security guard of this place had experienced someone smoking at the night time inside the mill when no one was there and the mill was closed at that time. Also a sweeper reported that after cleaning the place he found all the dirt again in that area. Many directors and their team refuse to work at this place at the night time because of their past experiences.

5. Grand Paradi tower

Grand Paradi tower

The Grand Paradi tower is another haunted place in the Malabar hills of Mumbai. The eighth floor of this tower is said to be haunted. There are many suicides and death that this tower has seen. This Porsche society has seen more than 20 deaths. First a young girl jumped off her balcony and died. Also there was a triple suicide case which the Grand Paradise Tower has seen.

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