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Top 5 Must Visit Museum in Washington DC


Top 5 Must Visit Museum in Washington DC: Hello guys. There are many destinations in the world for a perfect vacation. United States of America is also a good place where you can enjoy your vacations. Washington DC is the capital of USA. Washington has many things that attract many tourists. Here you can find many famous monuments and buildings. Not only white house but there are many other things that you might want to see. In the following article you will find the details about Top 5 must visit museum in Washington DC.

Top 5 Must Visit Museum in Washington DC

1. National Gallery of Art

Top 5 Must Visit Museum in Washington DC


National gallery of art is situated on the national mall between the 3rd and 9th streets. This gallery has a sculpture garden attached to it. This gallery was opened in 1937. Here you will see sculptures, drawings, paintings, medals, and many other things. This artwork is made by many renowned artists. Here you will find around 4,000 American and European paintings, around 3,000 American and European sculptures, around 15,000 photographs and many objects. The list does not end here there are many more attractions.

Address: – 6th & Constitution Ave NW Washington DC 20565 USA.

2. Lincoln Memorial

Top 5 Must Visit Museum in Washington DC


Lincoln memorial is a National monument. It was built to pay honor to the 16th president of America Abraham Lincoln. It is situated in the western end of national mall. The memorial mimics the Greek temple and it is made from the yeul marbles. At the center of the hall there is a huge seated statue of Abraham Lincoln. It took around four years to complete this iconic statue. You can take a guided tour to explore this place nicely. This place is free to visit without any entry charges.

Address: – 2 Lincoln memorial cir NW Washington DC 20037 USA.

3. Library of Congress

Top 5 Must Visit Museum in Washington DC


Library of congress was established in 1800. It serves as the research center to United States congress. Here you will find books and recordings in all languages around the globe. There are more than 450 languages in which you will find research materials. Take a tour to this iconic building. Visit the Jefferson building to explore this place. You can also see the reading room; take a nice dining experience at the cafeteria and dining place. Also there are exhibitions which you can see.

Address: – 101 Independence Ave SE Washington DC 20540 USA.

4. The White House

Top 5 Must Visit Museum in Washington DC


The white house is the residence for the president of the country. You can see the White house visitor center which is free of cost but for this you have to apply for the free tickets. Here you will get to see some furniture’s of the past president, some videos of the presidents who were there. Other things that you can see are the treasury building, the ellipse, executive office building and Lafayette square. The most beautiful thing what you can see here is the iconic white house.

Address:- 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington DC

5. National Air and Space Museum

Top 5 Must Visit Museum in Washington DC


The national air and space museum is a museum in the Smithsonian institution. It was started in 1946. Here you will get to see a huge collection of aircraft and spacecrafts. Here you will see some major aircraft and spacecraft like Arado Ar 234- B2 Blitz, McDonnell FH 1 Phantom I, Bell XP 59 A air comet, Aeronca C-2 like this there are many other object too. Other things which you can see here are Rolls Royce turbo fan engine, BMW rocket engine and propellant tanks, waterman airmobile, and many others.

Address: – 600 Independence Ave SW Washington DC 20560 USA.

So guys I think this article will help you to explore Washington DC. Thank you for reading and keep visiting for other such interesting articles.

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