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Brian Kasibante Death Cause: KBS Journalist Dies


Recently, it has been difficult to announce Kasibante Brian’s passing. As a well-known journalist for KBS FM, his close family and friends are deeply saddened and shocked by his unexpected demise. Read on to find Brian Kasibante Death Cause.

Since news of his passing spread on the internet, many people are left curious as to why this happened and what caused it. We have more details about this tragic event and will share them with you here in this article.

Kasibante Brian was an accomplished journalist from Rakai who served on the KBSFM Ekiweko news teams.

0According to reports, he committed suicide by poisoning. A freelance journalist ingested toxin on Tuesday and wrote a note outlining his wishes for death and burial. It’s reported that the victim took around 30 ml of paraquat, which has severely disrupted his bodily system. For further updates regarding this development, scroll down the next page.

What was Brian Kasibante Death Cause?

Police in Rakai District are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the apparent suicide of a reporter working for Kooki Broadcasting Services, Brain Kasibante.

At 26 years old, Kasibante wrote a suicide note on Tuesday evening notifying friends and family of his intention.

On Wednesday morning at Masaka Regional Referral Hospital where he was admitted on Tuesday night for treatment, Kasibante was pronounced dead by doctors.

Nicholas Kakeeto, one of Kasibante’s coworkers, reported that Kasibante often argued with his two wives which he believes contributed to his decision to commit suicide. To learn more about this story please read through this entire article

Brian Kasibante took his own life by poison and left a suicide note, declaring it to be his decision to end it.

He asked police not to arrest anyone and to not detain anyone. Furthermore, he wrote that he had one child left in the world (Wiki), whom he called Wiiki.

My brothers, please take care of my child.” As news of Brian Kasibante’s passing spread across the internet, many are deeply saddened by its suddenness; may his soul rest in peace.

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