Top 5 Best Restaurant Near Khan Market: Hey guys if you are planning to eat some good food near khan market the i highly recommend you visit these Top 5 Best Restaurant Near Khan Market. These are the top 5 restaurant near khan market and you will definitely going to love these restaurant.

Top 5 Best Restaurant Near Khan Market

1. Town Hall

Best Restaurant Near Khan Market

You want to have breakfast, lunch, dinner with entertainment and great services and vibrant music? This place has it all. In a hotspot location like Khan Market Town Hall serves you with everything you want. A DJ with amazing music helping you to have a conversation and with an unbeatable service which needs no command, and the availability of anything you want to eat. Must visit if you are in the region because it is the destination which will give you everything you want from a simple meal. If you haven’t been here you have missed something big! This is clearly a popular place to be in Delhi as it was very busy on a Friday night.

2. Cafe Turtle

Best Restaurant Near Khan Market

The Cafe Turtle at Khan Market is actually approachable through a book shop (that too a pretty nice book shop). Cafe doesn’t have very large seating available, but offers a great Lebanese and Middle East food for a vegetarian. The menu here is all vegetarian and covers a range of cuisines: you’ll find everything here from pizza to salads, from sandwiches to chili cheese toast, a range of cakes, juices, shakes, etc. Service is very discreet and professional. You’ll always find someone when you need anything.  It is well decorated and has a warm atmosphere. You can enjoy your food, your chat with a friend in a peaceful environment.

3. Public Affair

Best Restaurant Near Khan Market

The bar has two levels and is very well-appointed with great attention to detail. From the full portrait of the general Elk to the Prohibition-era newspapers, the kitschy and hip ambience is great. It’s an awesome collection of cocktails that are not only innovative but pull u back into pages of history with their prohibit ion era inspired cocktails. The menu is eclectic international level and staff is polite and courteous. There is something about this place that will make you visit it again and again. The menu is eclectic international level and staff is polite and courteous. What more can you ask from a place that already has most beautiful terrace and biggest in Khan Market.

4. Civil House

Best Restaurant Near Khan Market

Civil House is a lively, quaint, beautiful, and also romantic place for finger licking good food. The place was packed with elite upper middle class posh crowd savoring on some eye catchy, drool worthy dishes! They have both indoor and outdoor seating which is bright and elegant. They have launched their summer menu and it’s refreshing. If you are planning to visit Khan Market then in highly recommend you to visit these places. Overall, civil house is prepared to treat its customers with an interesting summer menu and will not leave you unsatisfied.

5. Wok in the Clouds

Best Restaurant Near Khan Market

Khan Market is always buzzing with some other cafe that has opened or is going to open, amongst all this hush lays the evergreen wok in the clouds. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant and will surely take you places in the most delicious way possible. It occupies two floors first and the second. The place has wooden flooring and bar on the second floor has a collection of the best and the most authentic liquors from around the world.  The restaurant is very attractive with friendly staff and Food being its Best Part.

So guys if this article helpful for you then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Go and check out these places and enjoy your meal.



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