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Top 5 Best Places to Eat Indian Food in London


Top 5 Best Places to Eat Indian Food in London: London, a happening place, and a city consisting Indians too, there’s a fact that any Indian can’t eat food without spices, but London is a city where the citizens and people prefer food that lack of spices, so what would now Indians do? Where would they go and eat? Well we have a solution to their problem, so this list is all about “ TOP 5 BEST PLACES TO EAT INDIAN FOOD IN LONDON”.

Top 5 Best Places to Eat Indian Food in London

1. Raj of India

Raj of India Retaurant is particularly very and very famous for its delicious Seekh Kebabs. A very favourite of locals, Raj of India is where you find the best Indian food in London, if you’re looking to go for some home style cooking. With a warm and beautiful dining ambience and tasty, delicious dishes, like the awesome Lamb Masala, Keema Naan, Balti Chicken, Seekh Kebabs, King Prawn Patia and fragrant Biryanis. There are lots of dishes available to choose from, Raj of India is a perfect spot for an Indian family outing. Here, end up your meal with delicious Gulab Jamuns or creamy Kulfi and enjoy the essence of the true flavours of India.

2. Horn OK Please

Stop at Horn OK Please and enjoy the most spicy Indian street food, the Craving Gol Guppas and the most popular Papri Chaat in London.This travelling street food stall is a perfect place to savour the mouth-watering vegetarian street food, such as  the Gol Guppas, Bhel Puri, Aloo Tikki and Samosa Chaat. Enjoy down these spicy dishes with a chilled Thumbs Up or Limca. Horn OK Please gives you the true essence of the famous Indian street food, without giving a hole in your pocket and is sure to leave you coming back for more.

3. Tayyabs

This place was Established in 1972, as an hole in the wall, Tayyabbs today is much larger and is among one of London’s most busiest and best Indian restaurants. Like that is the popularity of Tayyabbs that if you go there  without a prior reservation, be ready and prepared to stand for an hour ina very long queue. Don’t prefer to come here if you’re looking out  for a quiet and ambientful  evening, as this bustling restaurant is extremely loud, something which only adds to its charm.

4. Needoo Grill

Popular and Famed for its truly delicious Kebabs,  Tasty Mixed Grills and the Mouth Watering  Biryanis, Needoo Grill is a spot where you should go and head if you’re looking out for a meat fix. With its colourful interior, Needoo Grill is a Hustling and bustling with a long term patrons who are basically quick to recommend the restaurant’s Karahi dishes and the othere specialties like the Lamb Nihari, Haleem and Palak Paneer. Take all that delicious and tasty food down with a Mango Lassi or if you prefer, bring up your very own beer. Leave space in your stomach for dessert and finish off your meal with Needoo’s mouth-watering Lahori Kheer and Rasmalai.

5. Shayona

Shayona is one of the  London’s most popular and better known Indian vegetarian restaurants. Popular and famed for serving pure Sattvic vegetarian food, Shayona’s menu is strictly according to the tenets of VaishnavJain and Swaminarayan eating habits and the food that is served here contains no onions or garlic. Covering up the entire Indian sub-continent you will find everything from the Gujarati Dhokla to Bhel Puri and Samosas to Dosas. Do remember to also try the Shahi Paneer and Dal Makhani, which are favourites and top rated on the menu. There is no alcohol  served here, but there are various delicious alternatives like Lassi and Buttermilk.

Now, ending up with one more list of Indian Food Spot in Foreign Countries, We say you thanks for reading, and do give these places a try, we are soon with more and more interesting articles for you guys. Stay Tuned.