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Top 5 Best Places to Eat Street Food in London


Top 5 Best Places to Eat Street Food in London: London the capital of England and United Kingdom is everyone’s desired place to visit during vacations. It is not only famous for the ancient literature of the romans but also known for many things. The tower of London, attractions that are there, multi cuisine restaurant ,shopping places and many more. But one can never miss the street food. Street food of London is also very famous and is loved by all the tourist visiting there. Below is the list of Top 5 Best Places to Eat Street Food in London.

Top 5 Best Places to Eat Street Food in London

1. Exmouth market

Exmouth market

This is a market where you can enjoy good lunchtime meal. It is situated between the Faringdon road and St. Jhons street. It is a place where more than 20 food stalls sell variety of street foods. Some of the food stalls which you will find here are the handmade Italian sausages that are grilled on BBQ and also the delicious meat, chicken or vegetarian stew dishes. While moving down the market you will find mouthwatering New York cheese cake, Banoffee pie, apple strudel and also the chocolate brownies. You will also find Gujarati and Bangladeshi cuisines also.

Address: 38-40 Exmouth Market, Clerkenwell, EC1R 4QE, London EC1R 4QE, United Kingdom.

2. Berwick street market

Berwick street market

This one of the oldest markets in city situated in the west and central London. This market was known for the fruit and Vegetable stalls but now it has gained popularity for the food stalls also. You can enjoy Mexican,Arabian,Gourmet and various types of food in the market. You can have Savage Salads, Sub Cult, Freebird Burritos and Jerusalem Falafel. Also there are bakeries to enjoy some desserts. You get both vegetarian and non vegetarian food items over there. Also there are shops where you can buy household and antique goods.

Address:- Berwick St, Soho, London W1F 0PH, UK.

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3. Victoria Good food market

Victoria Good food market

This market is also situated in the west and central London.As you step out of the Victoria station you will find the Victoria good food market. It is a lunch time market. There are number of stalls that provide variety of cuisines. Like Mexican, Indian,Arabian, Turkish, etc.. Not only spicy foods but you can also enjoy the desserts over here. One may like fish, chicken , sausages, salads, burgers and many more food items over here.

Address:- Cardinal Place, 76-98 Victoria Street, SW1E 5JD.

4. Kerb


This is a place which every one must try. This is huge market where you will find number of food stalls offering variety of street foods from different countries. Some of the foods are hot dogs, pork chop rice, chicken breast, dosa wraps, types of lemonades, buta soboro, etc… There are more than 30 stalls that offer tasty street foods. So if you love street food than I must say you should visit this place. They are also situated in the other parts of the city too.

Address:- Camden Market, West Yard, Chalk farm road, London NW1 8AF, United Kingdom.

5. Borough market

Borough market

Located in the south London. This huge street food market offers lunch time foods. The main cuisines are Arabian, Spanish, ethopian, Turkish, Indian, Meditarrenian, etc.. This market has fooods like dosa (indian food) Gujarati food, meat, poultry, gomen, dubba (euthopian food), Herdwick lamb in a wrap with spiced rice, falafel wraps, pork pies, etc.. There are many more food items rather than these. Enjoy these mouthwatering foods in the food stalls of that market.

Address:-  8 Southwark St, London SE1 1TL, UK.

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I am sure after reading this you want to try these delicious foods. So don’t wait anymore just rush to your nearest market and try these foods. Bye till then and see you in next article.