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Top 5 Best Places to Eat Indian Food in Singapore


Top 5 Best Places to Eat Indian Food in Singapore: Singapore, a city with lots of people from different regions and different traditions, and yeah many Indians too, Singapore is a city full of joy and entertainment, but what when it comes to food? Indians like food that consists of lots and lots of spices, but getting that kind of food and taste is a bit difficult in a country like Singapore. So here, we are to end up this problem, here we our with the list of  “TOP 5 BEST PLACES TO EAT INDIAN FOOD IN SINGAPORE”.

Top 5 Best Places to Eat Indian Food in Singapore

1. Muthu’s Curry, Race Course Road

To many of the Singaporean generations, Muthu’s Curry is the name to take or talk about when it comes to a best places to eat Indian food in Singapore. Yes, they actually love the fresh, tender and fleshy fish as well as the thick curry gravy with a combinational and balanced mix of spices and sourness. It is so much addictive and tasty too. Operating in the form of an open kitchen in Singapore and located in the mid of the restaurant, the Live Tandoor invites the  diners present to enjoy the hottest and tastiest naan as well as the tasty tandoori chicken and seafood that the restaurant has to offer.

2. Tandoori Chicken on Boon Tat Street

Not every of the Indian restaurants have their locations in the Central Business District of Singapore. So the presence of the Tandoori Corner at Boon Tat Street is a real gift for Indian cuisine fans and Indians too. Taste it, if you don’t want to travel far for the best. Tandoori Corner’s menu encourages the best of the North Indian fare. The tandoori selection, specially the chicken tikka, always takes up and grabs  the hearts of the diners. After picking up a tandoori item, you are absolutely free to move your eyes to the tasty curry and at the bread corner where you can grab one of the best butter chicken and butter naan in the town.

3. Samy’s Curry

Samy’s Curry is best known as a curry specialist in the most classy dining restaurants in Singapore. Its luxurious and beautiful location doesn’t make its prices high like most of Dempsey’s restaurants. You can enjoy tasty foods at wallet-friendly prices. This restaurant has been there around for more than fifty years. It has bravely survived  there for 5 decades as the sweetest home of the best fish head curry present in the town. Yes, its truly full of flavor, the curry version is perfect and has a true balance of spices.

4. Gayatri Restaurant, Race Course Road

Not only putting emphasis on any type of the diets or any of the style of foods, Gayatri Restaurant’s menu truly celebrates the enjoyment, fun and joy of any diner that steps into its dining room. There are lost of appealing Non- Veggie and veggie dishes from the North and South India for everyone to taste and enjoy. The Most Delicious Indian foods in various portions, reasonable price, welcoming, inviting atmosphere and a luxury comfortable service are all of the good things in this restaurant that can do to make your meal an enjoyable and fun time.

5. Khansama Tandoori Restaurant

The Outdoor sitting area of the restaurant  provides diners with a vivid and a very exciting street views of a never quiet and a hushy Little India. With a chilled glass of the Indian beer in your  hand, nothing can stop you from enjoying and taking fun of the lively atmosphere to your heart content. The mouth watering delicious dishes at Khansama Tandoori have the right blend of spices in each of their recipe, which entertains the taste bud with the true engaging flavors of India. Chicken Tikka, Butter Chicken, Mutton Rogan Josh and Cheese Naan are all delightful and the most tasty dishes of the restaurant.

Now, we end up with the list, these were the places where you can enjoy up the Indian Cuisine, Thanks for Reading, Do Visit Again.