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Top 5 Best Beer to Drink In India

Top 5 Best Beer to Drink in India

Beer is basically one of the most loved up beverage of this beautiful world. There is definitely which can’t be basically person who is alive who says that which actually they don’t like up the beer unless and until up they actually have never actually tasted it up especially in a country like the great India where the people just wait for a occasion to have it. Here I’m going to list Top 5 Best Beer to Drink In India.

1. Six Fields

six fields beer

A Belgian-style wheat beer, Six Fields has a deep colour, smooth taste and exotic aroma – perfect for those who appreciate fine alcohol. Devans Modern Breweries Ltd (of Godfather beer) recently released Six Fields Cult and Blanche flavors infused with aromatic desi spices like coriander.

Both beverages boast an irresistibly sweet aroma. Six Fields Cult is a refreshing citrus beer.

Enjoy its subtle citrus notes and aromatic hint of coriander as you inhale Six Fields Blanche, an inventive Belgian-style white Blanche beer crafted with six ingredients for maximum enjoyment. Available in cans, bottles and kegs, Six Fields Blanche will leave your palate satisfied!

2. Godfather

godfather beer

One of India’s oldest beer brands, Godfather is produced by Devans Modern Breweries Limited of Jammu since 1961 and available in two varieties – Super 8 with eight percent ABV and Legendry at 7.2 percent. Godfather: Due to its unique brewing cycle, this Indian beer tastes slightly bitter compared to other brands.

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3. Kingfisher

Kingfisher is undoubtedly one of the most beloved Indian beer brands available today.

Brewed by United Breweries Group since 1970 in Bangalore, Kingfisher has earned itself a place among true classic Indian beers.

Kingfisher offers a range of beers to suit everyone’s taste. If you like your beer strong, Kingfisher Strong is the perfect option; while those who prefer lighter beverages will appreciate Kingfisher Ultra.

Furthermore, Kingfisher recently launched their craft beer – Ultra Witbier – for those who appreciate premium beverages with customisation options.

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4. Budweiser

A popular beer across India, Budweiser is a medium-bodied American-style beverage made with only premium hops and barley.

Available in bars and wine shops nationwide, Budweiser boasts crisp texture and flavors that have won it fans around the world. With its smooth consistency, Budweiser has become one of India’s go-to drinks for any occasion.

5. White Rhino

white rhino beer

This Belgian-style wheat beer is widely regarded as one of India’s finest craft beers. It has a light taste with subtle citrus zest, coriander seeds and other refreshing ingredients, making it easy to drink for all palates.

6. Simba


A homegrown beer, Simba is tailored to suit your palate with four distinct variants – wit, stout, light and strong. While the wit one offers refreshing Indian spice flavors infusions, the stout one is dark-coloured and rich with bold roasty notes including chocolate and caramel notes. Simba light offers smoothness while Simba strong packs an overpowering flavour and aroma.

7. Corona

corona beer

For those who enjoy a bitter-sweet beverage, Corona is the perfect choice. Crafted with malted barley, corn and yeast, this beer has a medium body and strong aroma. Pour some Corona into a beer mug, garnish with some lime slices and enjoy! We promise you won’t be disappointed; trust us: it’s so refreshing!

8. Royal Challenge

Owing up to this amazing fact that the Royal Challenge Beer is basically brewed up for a very longer time which actually renders it up in an extra, the full-bodied taste; the great tagline for the Royal Challenge rightly goes up, The “Brizewed Stronger Brewed Better”.

The second most largest selling up mild beer in this beautiful India, the Royal Challenge is in very much popular and in great demand mostly in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh.

The longer one actually brew time up renders it the very much smooth, the great crisp taste and a yeah very true and rich flavour.

9. Haywards 5000

Haywards 5000 is a very much strong brand of the beer with a very much great annual sale of over about 10 million in India. It was actually launched in the year of 1983 and is actually brewed with the very great and best quality malt.

The taste is bit much quite smooth but is is favorably very much strong. The Haywards 5000 label is actually a very much strong sub-product with an overall total alcohol percentage of actually about 7%. Haywards definitely meets up the most incredibly high on expectations of the Indian customers.

10. Carlsberg

The very awesome Carlsberg beer is the very finest among a basic portfolio of over about 500 brands belonging up to the great Carlsberg group.

The traditional Indian Market has always given up a very secure place to this particular beer brand. It also has a several names such as the Carlsberg Lager, Carlsberg Beer and the Carlsberg Pilsner. The Pilsner is a basic tantalising bitter sweet mixture and is actually quite popular among the Liverpool fans.

Here, we give an end up to the list, hope to see you again on our platform. Stay Tuned.