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Prime Drink: Where To Buy That In Whole UK


prime drink where to buy uk: Logan Paul is continuing to make his impact in the sporting world by partnering with KSI, a former opponent and fellow YouTuber, to develop Prime Hydration, a new sports drink. Here in this article we bring all the information about new prime drink which has been launched by Logan Paul and KSI in UK in brief, what type of drink it is, how much its cost, from where people can purchase this drink and more. So stay on this page if you want to know everything about it. Follow chopnews to get more updates

When will the Prime drink be available in the United Kingdom?

The two social media moguls have put their feud behind them two years after their final match in 2019.

Logan Paul has teamed up with KSI to make a sports drink that is already available in stores across the United States.

Prime will be available in UK retailers in February 2022, according to the company’s Instagram account, so fans won’t have to wait long – though a specific date has yet to be announced.

When the drink becomes accessible in the UK, Tesco and ASDA will be the first to stock it.

What is the drink that KSI and Logan Paul are drinking?

On January 4, 2022, it was reported that the two erstwhile rivals had teamed up to produce a new sports drink named Prime Hydration.

During a live stream, Paul and KSI claimed that their new beverage will “challenge some of the world’s biggest companies,” including “Pepsi, Coke, Gatorade, and Powerade.”

Taste and hydration are the YouTubers’ top priorities for their collaboration drink, according to them. Logan

Paul said that their drink contains 10% coconut water and has an electrolyte content of 825 milligrammes.

It took six months to manufacture the drink, according to reports.

How much does Prime cost?

Little is known about the composition of Prime at this time, other that it contains 10% coconut water.

In a statement, Paul and KSI said, “Our goal was to create a terrific hydration drink that can power any lifestyle.”

“We’ve spent many hours over the last year formulating the product from the ground up, securing arrangements with the world’s leading retailers, and assembling a multi-hundred-person team to bring our items onto the shelves.”

A price has yet to be determined, but it is likely to be comparable to other popular energy drinks.

Is Logan Paul and KSI feuding once more?

The boxers teased fans with an event named “The Final Chapter” leading up to the unveiling of their new business partnership, which many assumed would be another battle.

However, the event they were promoting had to do with Prime’s announcement, which angered many supporters.

According to Mirror, one person asked, “Is that it?” after the live stream event, while another commented, “crap we were psyched for nothing.”

Paul and KSI made millions in their battles in 2018 and 2019, and fans were anticipating a third bout after KSI won the rematch after their first fight finished in a draw.

Is Prime Hydration available for purchase?

According to Paul, the new beverage will be available at Walmart, Target, Kroger, CVS, GNC, Ralphs, and the Vitamin Shoppe locations across the country.

Who is the owner of the best hydration drink?

Logan Paul and KSI, two social media superstars, established Prime. They’ve amassed a massive social media following over the previous decade, with millions of admirers all over the world. Prime Hydration’s mission was to create a better-for-you lifestyle beverage that consumers could enjoy at any time.

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