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Tom Hardy Gay: Married to Charlotte Riley with two children, sexuality not publicly declared.


Tom Hardy has never publicly declared himself to be gay nor spoken openly about his sexuality. He is married to Charlotte Riley and they share two beautiful children with her.

In 2010, when asked about his sexuality during an interview, Tom Hardy did acknowledge having sexual relationships with men when he was still a teen.

Edward Thomas Hardy was born on 15 September 1977 and is an English actor who studied acting at the Drama Center London. In 2001 he made his film debut in Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down directed by Scott.

Within no time, Hardy had earned himself an immense fan base due to his performance in films and shows he featured in. Hardy is best known for his roles in RocknRolla, Star Trek: Nemesis, Warrior, This Means War, The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, Dunkirk, Venom (and its sequel Venom: Let There Be Carnage), as well as many other notable films.

His first work in the TV industry was as John Janovec in 2001’s Band of Brothers. He’s since made appearances on shows like The Virgin Queen, Cape Wrath, Oliver Twist, Wuthering Heights, The Take and Peaky Blinders as well.

Tom is renowned for his gorgeous looks and honest demeanor in interviews, both of which make him an instant hit.

What does Tom Hardy think about his sexuality?

In 2008, Tom Hardy’s cover appearance on the gay British magazine Attitude ignited speculation that he had come out of the closet and revealed his sexuality. Throughout that year, Hardy faced numerous questions regarding his sexuality during an interview.

Tom Cruise recently admitted in a conversation with Now Magazine in 2010 that he had sexual relationships with men as a teenager. Asked if this is something he regrets or not, Cruise replied “Of course I have. As an actor for goodness sakes I’ve played with everything and everyone. While I love the form and physicality of it all, now…it doesn’t do it for me anymore. There’s plenty more stuff in a relationship – especially one with another man – which I need in my life.”

In response to being asked if he had ever done it, Tom replied, “Not really,” though he could easily imagine. Sexual activity with another man just doesn’t do it for me… There’s plenty in a relationship with another man – especially gay men – that fulfills me. Many gay men get my obsession for shoes! While I don’t consider myself metrosexual, I am definitely my mother’s son; while some gay men possess strong feminine characteristics, others exhibit uncanny masculinity.”

Later in 2011, Tom cleared up his statement in 2010 during an interview with UK Marie Claire. He stated, “I don’t regret anything I’ve said – it’s just unfortunate things get misconstrued and I don’t get the chance to clarify.’ Not even when he said he had enjoyed relationships with men in his twenties?”

“I have never put my penis in a man,” he declared, adding, ‘And I have no desire for it – if that’s what you like then fine, but for me personally it doesn’t do the trick.” He expressed irritation that his words had been taken out of context but conceded: ‘Being talked about is far worse than not being talked about at all.”

Who is Tom Hardy’s Wife?

In 2009, Hardy began dating actress Charlotte Riley after they met on the set of Wuthering Heights. Things took an exciting turn between them and eventually led to marriage in July 2014. Today, Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley share two children – their first born was born in October 2015 and their second one in December 2018.

Tom Hardy Another relationship

Before his marriage to Charlotte Riley, Hardy was previously married to famous producer Sarah Ward. They tied the knot in 1999 but eventually divorced in 2004, due to Tom not being dedicated enough to their union. Following his split from Sarah, Hardy briefly had a year-long relationship with Korean actress Linda Park; however, their engagement ended abruptly.

Tom met Rachel Speeds, an assistant director on one of his shows, The Virgin Queen. They hit it off immediately and got serious; eventually having a child together in April 2008. Unfortunately, the couple split up in 2009 and Tom then met his future wife Charlotte Riley.


Q. How much money does Tom Hardy make?

According to CelebrityNetWorth.com, Tom Hardy has an impressive net worth of $55 million as of 2022.

Q. What is Tom Hardy’s height?

According to several sources, Tom Hardy stands at 5 feet 9 inches.

Q. What is Tom Hardy’s wife’s name?

Charlotte Riley. The couple wed in 2014 after his previous marriage to Sarah Ward ended in 2004.

Q. What role did Tom Hardy portray in Dark Knight Rises?

A. In Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy portrays Bane.

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