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Alec Baldwin Remember His Father Alexander Rae Baldwin


Alec Baldwin father was a high school shooting coach who tragically passed away after 28 years of breathing in the lead dust from students’ bullets.

Alexander Rae Baldwin II passed away at 55 from lung cancer, which he believed to have developed due to working on unventilated sets.

Baldwin, 63 and father of seven, awaits confirmation if he will face criminal or civil action for the gun death on set of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42.

Ten days ago, Halyna’s dad accidentally shot herself with a prop gun while filming the western Rust in New Mexico. Baldwin recounted in his autobiography how an oncologist had interrogated him following his dad’s passing in 1983.

Alec Baldwin Remember His Father

I would like to pay tribute to my father, Alexander Rae Baldwin Jr. He was born October 26th 1927 in Brooklyn and passed away April 15th 1983 after a courageous battle with cancer.

He was a graduate of Boys High School in Brooklyn and Syracuse University who served in the United States Marine Corps as an expert marksman in riflery. Unfortunately, he honorably discharged for medical reasons after being shot accidentally during rifle instruction on Parris Island.

He returned to Syracuse University to pursue law school, but soon after dropped out and relocated to Massapequa, Long Island to begin his 28 year career as a public school teacher.

My dad taught “social studies,” as they were then known. His courses ranged from history and economics to constitutional law and contemporary problems – everything. He was an admired educator during those years. His accomplishments were so remarkable that twice the editors of the school yearbook dedicated their editions to him – an honor usually reserved for faculty who had either passed away or retired.

He coached football at the school, led a cub scout troop, and coached Little League. Coach And was the head coach of Massapequa High School’s rifle team, which twice reached the New York State Public High School Athletic Association state riflery championship. Upstate and rural schools typically won this honor; winning for a “downstate” school thought impossible. Nevertheless, my father’s teams triumphed both times.

Alec Baldwin Father Death

When my dad passed away, a part of me died too – there were so many times in my life where his advice would have come in handy. His wake at the local funeral home  packed with people; his funeral at our church in Amityville was even more moving. In years after, when riding Long Island Rail Road for work, people would often say things like, “My dad was an incredible teacher and such an amazing man.” Occasionally someone would ask how my father was doing and when I informed them he had passed away, some even wept right there on board!

My father was tough and uncompromising. With six children – four of them boys – and little extra money for spoils or bribes, he implemented the “Fear Program.” We knew any missteps would have consequences, yet he showed more selflessness and thoughtfulness than anyone I have known throughout my life.

When my brother Daniel and I found out local athletic champion Jimmy Luchsinger was teaching tennis at Marjorie Post Park near home, we lamented that we couldn’t get rackets. One day or two after arriving home from work one evening, my dad came home from work and unwrapped two rackets complete with old wooden frames. He handed them to us with instructions: “If you miss one lesson then I will be very upset with you.”

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