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Tips for Hiring Roofers in El Paso


Tips for Hiring Roofers in El Paso: You may have heard the common horror story that everyone normally experiences once in their lives with their home – their roof is leaking. If you’re one of these unfortunate many, you may need to hire a roofer to fix or replace your roof. If you’re not in dire need of emergency repair, perhaps you’re just one of the thousands of Americans in El Paso that is wanting to have their roofs replaced so they’re more durable. Whatever the reason, we’ve found a great roofer for your needs, and they’ve given you some great roofing tips to hire the best roofers in Texas.

Tips for Hiring Roofers in El Paso

Be Sure They’re Insured and Licensed

Insurance is something that many of us have, but it’s extremely important that the roofing company you’re hiring has it. You also want to ensure that every contractor that’s going to be working on your roof is experience and certified, or licensed according to your state. There may be some journeymen involved in the experience, but they should all have a journeyman’s license and also liability insurance. This isn’t just to protect themselves, but also to protect you and keep you from being liable for any damage or accidents that may happen.

Be Sure You Choose Local

This is something you really need to consider. It will help you find a more reputable business if you’re choosing a contractor who’s local to your area, especially when it comes to things like storm damage of course. At the same time, going local is the most important thing you can do because it means they’re easier to reach, and probably have more clients in your area.

Base it on Quality of Work – Not Price

This is something that you really need to consider as well. Some of the best contractors actually don’t charge the least amount of money, while others may charge lower rates if they’re still building their portfolios. Therefore, do your homework, check references, and always be sure to get the contact info of a few of the most recent jobs they’ve done so you can get an unbiased review that doesn’t just cater to your contractor as well.

Get Everything in Writing

Once you talk to your roofing company, even if they give you an over the phone consultation, make sure you actually meet your contractor. You want to see everything in writing so you can ensure that you’re getting the best quality and responsibility. Also, don’t sign anything on an initial consult until you’ve decided to go with that contractor. That can save the both of you a lot of trouble in the future if you’re unsure and change your mind.


In the El Paso, TX Roofing Pro area, All Star Construction and Roofing has one of the best teams out there when it comes to roof repair, storm damage repair, and they have hundreds of clients that are local with years of experience under their belt. They handle both residential and commercial construction and roofing, as well as take care of literally everything from start to finish so you can have the best roof in the neighborhood, and they even know how to work with your budget, which is always a plus!

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