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Sidhu Moose Wala Death CCTV Footage


Sidhu Moose Wala Death CCTV Footage: Two cars were seen trailing Punjabi musician Sidhu Moosewala’s black SUV in Mansa district just minutes before he was killed, according to CCTV evidence.

Let’s find out everything about Sidhu Moose Wala murder in this article. Are his murders a myth or was there a real reason for them?

Read on to discover the truth behind Sidhu Moose Wala’s tragic death. What happened to him? Follow chopnews to get more updates

Sidhu Moose Wala Death CCTV Footage

The video shows a man driving in a vehicle with two vehicles in front of him. At around 5:30 p.m., the two vehicles approached him from the front and began shooting.

Police have since curtailed the state government’s security cover for local politicians and officials.

The video shows two vehicles following Moose Wala’s vehicle and spraying bullets.

The video is disturbing, and the state government has ordered a police investigation.

In the video, the vehicles were following Moose Wala’s SUV.

The two white cars followed him until they reached the spot where they shot him dead.

It is unclear what motive the gunmen had for killing Sidhu Moose Wala, but the video was critical to a successful investigation. Police suspect that the attack was the result of gang rivalry.

The footage was released on YouTube by Punjab police and is accompanied by the singer’s family and relatives.

The police have recovered 30 empty bullet shells and at least three weapons used in the crime.

Moose Wala’s cousin, Gurwinder Singh, and another relative, Gurpreet Singh, were in the car when the incident occurred.

The video also shows a police officer dragging the singer to a nearby grave.

The CCTV footage also shows two cars following the Thar car.

Police have already alerted other states in the region, and are now sifting through the footage to catch the culprits.

There are also rumors that the cctv footage will help them solve the case. In fact, the video may help them find justice for Sidhu Moose Wala’s family.

The video has been circulating on social media since the incident. State police did not comment on the video, but Punjab police have put out a large presence in the area.

This is a rare event for the state police in Punjab, and if it does exist, the video will prove the case for the family. Despite the cctv footage, authorities have still not identified the suspects behind Sidhu Moose Wala’s death.

The Punjab police and the Uttarakhand STF have arrested the suspected gang member in connection with the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala.

However, the suspect has fled to Australia. In the meantime, police have been looking for a gang member named Shaganpreet and are considering his arrest. But they will not release the video until after the investigation.

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