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Vietnam War Photographer, Tim Page Passes Away At 78


Tim Page, an Australian photographer who gained notoriety for publishing photographs of the Vietnam War, passed away on August 24, 2022, at the age of 78.

We are delivering this news with sadness and a heavy heart. His family acknowledged his death on social media, and now that people have learned of his departure, they are grieving.

On social media, people are now paying tribute to him and the work he accomplished by sharing photographs from the Vietnam War so that we could easily view the gruesome scenes.

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Who was Tim Page?

tim page

He was born in England on May 25, 1994. He left his homeland to go to different nations, but because he was poor, he had to work for USAID as an agriculture expert.

He then began working as a press photographer for UPI & AFP. He was promoted to the Saigon bureau and worked as staff after his work was noticed by the public.

In addition, he has a unique perspective on the battle that other journalists just cannot fathom, and his work is well-received.

How Did Tim Page Pass Away?

He died on August 24, 2022, when he was 78 years old. People are grieving at his passing and curious as to what transpired, so we are here to explain.

He had liver cancer and was receiving therapy for it, but despite this, his body was not healing properly.

He was a resident of New South Wales and passed away at home. His relatives verified his passing and stated that he passed away quietly while being attended to his family.

Tim Page memorial and obituary

After hearing the news of his passing, many feel saddened as they read the report.

His passing was widely reported on social media, and people paid him gratitude for the performances he provided in his photos.

People want to know his obituary details so they may perform his final rites, but his family hasn’t yet disclosed the specifics of his funeral.

Additionally, we pray for his family, asking God to give them the fortitude to endure this loss. Tim, please go in peace.

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