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This Aint It Chief Often, when people hear the phrase “this Aint it Chief,” they are not sure what it means. They may have heard it on the radio or TV, or may have been told it by someone they know. It is a common phrase, and has become a part of the Hip-hop slang vocabulary.

This Aint It Chief : Body count

This Ain't It Chief
This ain’t it chief – Meaning & Phases

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ve probably been exposed to the diloos of TikTok. The company is so ubiquitous that many celebrities have been spotted on the site.

Some have popped in and out of it like the proverbial flies, while others have sworn off the diloo for good.

The company’s most famous member is perhaps the pixie princess, whose redheaded mother is a TikTok devotee in her own right.

The company’s effervescent etee is home to a small but dedicated staff. They’re also the most amiable of the group. Their baffling motto is a fumble free for the most part.

Aside from the sexes, the company is home to some pretty cool and nerdy types. The company is also home to a slew of gimmicks.

This Aint It Chief : Twitter idiom

Probably the most commonly used Twitter idiom, this Aint It, Chief is not your typical “I’m just tagging you to make you laugh” type of tweet.

It is a relatively new idiom that was coined in the waning months of 2017 by a Twitter user. It is a very good example of the many ways social media users interact with each other.

The phrase first made its internet debut on July 1st. It was tweeted by @gothstepdad. The tweet omitted a couple of important details.

It has a number of important facts, but in a nutshell, this Aint It, Chief is a neologism – a phrase with no particular official meaning in the Twitterverse.

The phrase was retweeted by many people. The tweet is a good example of how this Aint It, Chief became a viral idiom.

This Aint It, Chief became popular on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media sites.

Hip-hop slang

”This ain’t it, chief” is a term that has become quite popular in social media and the internet. It is used to express disapproval of a person’s actions. It has also earned a spot in the Urban Dictionary.

The term was coined by a Twitter user in late 2017. After its debut, it spread on the internet. Other Twitter users started replying to tweets with the phrase.

In September 2018, Google searches for the term went up. It was also used by a popular rapper, Chief Keef, to create the song “I Don’t Like”.

The phrase is also used in real life. When two people are friends and one says “down for whatever”, the other replies with “this ain’t it, chief” to express disapproval.

Examples of the phrase

During the summer of 2018, a phrase called “this ain’t it chief” started making its way onto social media. It was a slang term that was used to reply to a comment or post on social media platforms.

It is similar to the phrase “weird flex but ok”, but it is a more all-encompassing term. It was first seen on Twitter. People started using it to respond to posts that they thought were not cool.

It was popular among the Gen Z crowd, and eventually became a regular response on social media platforms. It gained popularity on Reddit.

This ain’t it chief is a slang phrase that was first seen on Twitter in the summer of 2018. It has since gained popularity on social media, Reddit, and even in real life. It is a slang term that is used to respond to a post that is not cool. It is also used to start a fight. It is a term that has been warned against for years, but people seem to use it anyway.

Related terms

Unlike sexy, sexy, and sexy, this aint it chief is not the only thing you should be sexy about. You may have heard of it in the form of a snazzy social media post, or you may have used it in your day to day life.

Whether or not you are aware of it, it is a slang term that is popping up everywhere. It’s been coined by a handful of Twitter users in late 2017;

it’s been used to reply to a tweet or two, and it’s made it onto the Urban Dictionary.

This aint it chief is the brainchild of Twitter user Christopher Ourfalian, who was looking for something to reply to a tweet. As such, the phrase he spewed out became a regular reply on his Twitter feed.

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