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SticKam – Social features & more


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SticKam – Social features & more

It was a live-streaming video website and launched in the year 2005. Stickam has the features of User-submitted pictures, Audio, Video, and most importantly, live streaming video chat.

This site is quickly expanded to including live shows and produced content from MTV, G4 TV, CBS Radio, NATPE, CES, and many others. The live performances and plays with more Musicians and Celebrities.

In addition to streaming live video on the website of Stickam, the service is allowed users to attach their streaming webcam feeds to other websites, namely a Flash player. The name Stickam is known for this ability to stick a webcam feed on another site.

Social features of Stickam

The social users are known to the people who use Stickam for its social features, including creating their video chats or participating in one of the site’s group chat rooms.

The Stickam shuffle

In February 2010, Stickam also launched the name Stickam Shuffle where many users could connect instantly to made people from all over the world. Stickam’s policy has promised that violators of its terms of service would be permanently banned from it.

Video chat

The Live Chat allowed the user to show their webcam to live feed over the internet. The user can choose who could view the live stream. In the same stream room, there was around seven camera position. Largest one for the owner of the chat. Other six spots for the six other people to stream the live webcam feed.

The live chat also allowed many users to video chat through a chat box similar to what one would see on any regular video chat site. The primary user could ban people who were threatening. The essential use of this also could make the people mediators who trusted the people, who could kick people if the primary user could not do so.

Group chat rooms

Chat rooms are for many users to chat in, instead of living with only seven camera spots. It is allowed everyone the ability to stream live at once. But I could see only 12 people at a given time in these chat rooms had many of the same properties that the live chats did.

Suppose one unexpectedly meets a group of chatters with similar roles in time a user name. It found it to be a crew tag. The Group chats were organized by their themes like Video gaming unless by a particular host broadcaster name. The way rest of Stickam was, and group chats stayed active for 24 hours.

User advertising program

This program starts in the year March 2012. Stickam website has launched a program that would allow the users to purchase advertising space that would run on their broadcasts on-screen. Stickam’s Executive Director, Mr.Hideki Kishioka, said in an interview on the subletting of place advertising space.

It is among the 9.3 million registered users. Many musicians are especially want to help to reach their fans cost-effectively.

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