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The Sole Survivor of an Alaska Helicopter Crash


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An Airbus AS350B3 helicopter, belonging to a Czech billionaire entrepreneur, crashed near the Knik Glacier in Palmer, Alaska. The crash killed the five occupants on board, as well as one passenger who survived. According to reports, the crash was caused by the helicopter’s engine failing.

Survivor is willing to be interviewed

The sole survivor of an Alaska helicopter crash has become a pawn in an investigation into how five men died. A helicopter carrying a Czech billionaire, an investment group founder and his French snowboarder guide crashed in the Chugach Mountains near Knik Glacier.

Authorities said the accident likely had a number of contributing factors, including airworthiness and poor weather. However, they are still working to figure out exactly what caused the crash.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is ramping up its investigation into the crash. It is investigating several possible causes, but has yet to interview the pilot of the Soloy Helicopters Airbus AS350B3.

The NTSB will examine a wide range of possible factors, including human performance, mechanical aspects, and the weather. In addition, investigators will look at how the crash could have been prevented in the future.

Petr Kellner died due to lack of flight tracking

In the crash, Petr Kellner, a billionaire from the Czech Republic, was among five people killed. The accident occurred in the Chugach Mountains near Knik Glacier.

Kellner had been flying with a Colorado company called Third Edge Heli. He was part of a group that included two guides. They had been boarding the helicopter from a lodge on Wasilla Lake. However, the group diverted to search for the ship.

Investigators are now mapping the flight’s movements. A handheld GPS found in the wreckage showed multiple short legs in the area.

Authorities were not able to determine what caused the crash. But the helicopter did not have an emergency locator beacon, which is normally used to signal a problem. It did not activate on impact, either.

The National Transportation Safety Board released a preliminary report on the crash. The NTSB is working to determine how the crash happened and to identify the cause.

Whirlwinds between the valleys can affect a helicopter

One could argue that a crash in the Knik icefield is a bit of a bummer. Not to mention the fact that a single occupant has survived. The good news is that the National Transportation Safety Board has an ace in the hole. Currently a 12-person team is busy sifting through the debris. While the likes of a skunk is an unlikely occurrence, one can only hope that an occupant is not a tick, tick, and tack in the near future. Until then, the best of luck to all involved. The team would be tasked with the task of ensuring that the aforementioned occupant is in fact alive and well. Hopefully it is, and that there is no last ditch attempt to sabotage the chances of survival.

Czech billionaire’s net worth estimated at $17.5 billion by Forbes

Forbes recently released its 36th annual ranking of the world’s billionaires. The estimated net worth of Europe’s top ten richest billionaires increased by $216 billion between 2020 and 2021. This brings their total net worth to $552 billion.

Petr Kellner was the richest man in the Czech Republic until he died in a helicopter crash on March 27. He was estimated to have a net worth of $17.5 billion by Forbes.

Kellner founded the PPF Group, which owns and controls a large amount of real estate in Slovakia, as well as a major telecom operator. He also owns a majority stake in the Czech Republic’s largest insurer, Energeticky.

In the past year, Kellner’s assets have increased by approximately $2.6 billion. However, Forbes said that the billionaire had not yet decided how he would spend his fortune. According to his investment group, Kellner was known for his creativity and work ethic.

Czech billionaire’s chopper crashed near a glacier in Alaska

Petr Kellner was a Czech billionaire who was among the five people killed when his helicopter crashed near a glacier in Alaska. He was also the founder of PPF, a company with a global reach and assets of more than 44 billion euros.

Kellner’s death is a tragedy. The billionaire was known for his work ethic and his creativity. His net worth was estimated to be $17.5 billion.

Kellner was a towering figure in the post-communist era in the Czech Republic. He was one of the wealthiest people in Europe.

During the 1990s, he made his first fortune by founding an investment fund. His business empire grew to include $52 billion in assets. It included his stake in the largest insurance company in the Czech Republic. He was also tied with media giant Rupert Murdoch.