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Men’s Accessories: How to combine?


Men’s Accessories: How to combine?: Many men think it is very complicated to dress well, walk in style and be connected in fashion trends. However, there is nothing very difficult in this: to ally pieces of clothing and good male accessories is to complement the look, for example. That’s because these pieces are no longer coadjuvant at the time you get ready, since they provide different highlights in each composition.

Men’s Accessories: How to combine?

Men's Accessories

And no wonder they’re getting higher, right ?! For this reason, we have prepared this post so that you learn to use accessories without fear of making mistakes. Want to go out there with more style? So check it out!

Balance: know how to combine accessories

The first tip could not be another: to have balance. After all, it is very common for men to buy men’s accessories that they have liked but that do not affirm the style or value their personality. The result of this are pieces that do not talk to each other and usually leave the visual nothing harmonic. That is why it is essential to think about this issue first of all!

When buying new necklaces, for example, see them as an alternative to enhance your look and enhance your looks. So watch out for the size of your neck, for example. If it is wider, give preference to sharpened and elongated models that do not show this region even more. In case the neck is thinner, opt for shorter and thicker collars, as they will give more volume to the area. Another important tip is to know how many pieces to use.

They are bracelets, rings, necklaces, sunglasses, cap and so on. As already imagined, the effect achieved goes far beyond what was expected, that is, the composition becomes overloaded and with a lot of information. The variety of male accessories have grown so much that the options do not end. So let’s list the top materials that are on the rise to help you decide.

Leather Accessories

Starting with leather that is by far the main highlight among them! This is due to several reasons such as being a product that has a great acceptance of the male audience and is easily combined with clothing and accessories on several occasions Versatility for those who have a more hectic routine and go from one corner to another – like a walk, work or a bar. The leather pieces are also more discreet, can be braided or smooth, and are great options for those who are beginning to wear bracelets and necklaces. The leather ones are suitale with a luxury watch like Breitling Navitimer.

Rope or fabric accessories

The fabric items, as well as the rope items, have a very remarkable informality. However, they are pieces that bring a mix of tones and trends, such as street and ethnic, that differentiate them from other models and allow you to have a more casual and casual production. The rope bracelets are great for looks with more freedom and convenience, thanks to the more stripped-down look.

The advantage of this material is that you find a good variety of colors and different possibilities of pendants and clasps – navy style references, for example, that are very successful. A tip to ensure even more style to your accessories is to opt for handmade models that are adjustable to all sizes for ease of use.

Metal accessories

The metal, in turn, be in bracelets, rings or necklaces, is ideal for cooler days and urban and nocturnal visuals – such as events and ballads. This is because monochromatic clothing, especially with predominance of black or dark tones, highlights these pieces.

Accessories in stone

The stone accessories are alternatives for more casual and spontaneous visuals, mainly by mixing colors and references. They are great for more basic compositions in a meeting with the galera, trips or walk at the end of the week. They can be worn in a more neutral garment, as a key piece of it, or as a complement, in more conceptual productions, which refer to the ethnic and boho styles. They are great for trips, outings with your girlfriend or meeting with friends over the weekend.

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