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The craziest laptops on the market!


From work to play laptops have been of great help to us; they are portable, capable and light. Most laptops are designed on a budget and that shows in the way they look and perform. But occasionally designers and engineers do go a little overboard and craft machine which are not at all normal. Calling them overboard would be an understatement. Crazy is the correct terms for such creations.

The craziest laptops on the market!

Today we look at a few such mad creations from mainstream brands and some rather unheard unique and marquees.

1. ASUS GX800: The first water cooled laptopASUS GX800

Hardcore Gaming and PC enthusiasts who have a penchant for creating monster computers that regularly cross the 4GHz and 5GHz mark, will know a thing or two about the importance of liquid cooling. Liquid cooling is what helps the processor stay cool and help in overclocking without going up in flames.

Asus, a mainstream computer and laptop manufacturer wanted to create something a little more outrageous than their usual ROG laptops and hence they came up with ASUS GX800. One of the world’s first liquid-cooled laptops.

Made specifically for gamers, this laptop comes with its own cooling pad and dock. In terms of specifications, you have an 18-inch 4K panel (yes, an 18-inch panel!). This one specification itself will offer most hard-core gaming fans a thrilling experience. The processor is a quad-core  Intel i7-7820HK with overclocking capability (why else would you have liquid cooling!) and to make sure games not only look great but run smoothly at the 4K resolution you have two Nvidia GTX1080 in SLI, 64GB of RAM and three 512GB PCIe SSDs in RAID 0. A look at the specifications and you know this is the laptop equivalent of a Bugatti Veyron.

The water cooling special dock isn’t just for fun. it blasts cool air into the laptop to cool down the laptops graphics cards, RAM and CPU. Powerful as it comes, the laptop can generate up to 20% more power when overclocked. This enables you to overclock the CPU to 4.2 GHz and your GPU to 1.9 GHz.

This $6000 laptop comes with even more features that improve the gaming experience. It offers you quick release mounting, a better dock mechanism, individual key RGB LEDs, upgraded mechanical keyboard by MechTag and is equipped with ESS Sabre DAC and Amplifier. Everything combined to give you one of the most powerful laptops currently available.

2. Acer’s Predator 21X: World’s first curved screen laptopAcer’s Predator 21X

Next in line of insane laptops is Acer’s Predator 21X. The main attraction of this gaming laptop is the curved screen, which is unlike any other laptop. The Acer’s 21” G-sync capable, 2560 x 1080 resolution. 21:9 aspect ratio and 120Hz refresh rate display (now that’s a mouthful) makes even the Asus GX800’s display look small. To power up the monster of a screen, you have an overclockable 7th- generation Intel Core i7-7820HK processor, dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards in SLI, 64GB of DDR4-2400MHz memory,  and 7200 RPM hard drive with up to a solid 2TB capacity.

That’s not all that makes this laptop different and one of the craziest options for laptops in the markets. The Predator 21 X comes with two power supplies to keep it running, eight pipes to mitigate the heat in the system and five cooling fans to keep this massive machine from overheating and it doesn’t come with a bag like an Alienware but with its own suitcase. Yes, you heard that right a suitcase- you don’t just open the laptop and use it, you deploy it!! Other knick knacks include individually lit LED keyboard backlit with Cherry MX brown switches (Why? cause blue switches are too loud on an RGB heavy curved display laptop!!) which is programmable up to 16.8 million colours. Apart from this the number pad can be flipped over and used as a precision touchpad. Plus, the laptop supports Windows Hello with facial recognition and eye-tracking tech developed by Tobii, which helps you to play games with the feature of aim with your eyes. If you though the Asus was weird this one takes it up a notch.

3. MSI GT80 Titan: Worlds first gaming laptop with a mechanical keyboardMSI GT80 Titan

MSI GT80 Titan is yet another noteworthy laptop to mention on the craziest laptops list. This was the first-ever laptop to introduce mechanical keyboard in gaming laptops and it’s not where you expect it to be. Placed right in from where usually you have a palm rest, the laptop is weirder because of it keyboard placed rather than the keyboard technology. The keyboard is made by SteelSeries and comes fitted with Cherry MX brown switches.

In terms of specifications, it is older than the two laptops we spoke about with two Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M GPUs in SLI configuration along with 16 GB RAM between them. The display is quite astonishing in itself, with an 18.4-inch screen, the laptop offers good visuals from every angle. Finally, another cool piece of kit is the touch-friendly number pad, switch switches from a trackpad to a number pad at the touch of a button.

4. Dragonfly Futurfön: A dual-screened phone? laptop? Tablet?Dragonfly Futurfön

When it comes to finding one of the craziest laptops in the markets, let’s not forget about of Dragonfly Futurfön. Because this is one laptop that makes the Acer, MSI and Asus laptop we featured look normal. Designed to look like the laptop equivalent of the Pokemon Doduo, the Dragonfly Futurfön is a dual-screen laptop could be used as a phone and a laptop. Although this laptop/ phone is aimed at creating something new, the laptop fails to do what it was supposed. Even so this, the laptop is worth mentioning. The Futurfön boasted of compatibility with Windows and Android. This machine comes with a 7-inch screen for both the screens, which gives an odd phone/tablet and laptop experience. But despite the promises and potential this remains a failed Indiegogo campaign with many calling their campaign a “Scampaign”

5. Steampunk laptop: What is this!! Steampunk laptop

As a design language, Steampunk is a mix of science fiction and Victorian design, it’s all about bling and intricate details. While this sounds great on a Motorbike or a vintage clock, it’s not exactly a recipe for a laptop. Bringing Steampunk and Laptops is like bringing ice cream and Jalapeno to make a Jalapeno flavoured Ice cream, while it is possible it’s not probable.

Made by Richard “Datamancer” Nagy pioneer of Steampunk,  this custom laptop comes with beautiful looks and gold foils. This highly-custom laptop was not available for sale initially but eventually was put up on sale. IT comes with the options of customization including gold foils, gold maps and much more. The aesthetics of the laptop is what makes this laptop a crazy choice for laptops. The laptop has a weird key-shaped USB drive, which cannot be found on any other laptop on the market. Apart from this, the laptop opens with a brass lock, another feature only found in the Steampunk laptop. Not to mention this laptop will offer cutting-edge tech that will offer you the option of working on your office work as well as do some heavy gaming.

There are many other kinds of crazy and insane laptops on the market. But these were some of the craziest we found in terms of performance, and aesthetics. While the Asus, Acer, and MSI are crazy to help you eke out more gaming performance from your laptop, the others are simply crazy!!

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