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The 100 season 8 – Why It is Cancelled from Netflix


The 100 season 8 : Netflix’s ‘The 100’ Has Been Cancelled, Why Is There No Season 8?

The 100’s most current season aired on The CW in early October, and the sci-fi show’s most recent 16 episodes are now available on Netflix in the United States.

Why The 100 season 8 is not released on netflix

the 100 season 8

The series is currently ranked number four on the streamer’s top ten series chart as a result of those episodes. This signifies that a large number of fans have seen all of the episodes and are looking forward to Season 9 of The 100.

Those who watch it will be extremely disappointed. Because the show will not be renewed for Season 8, the new Netflix episodes will be the final episodes of the hit CW show.

The 100 was, in fact, cancelled in August 2019, when it was revealed that the show would conclude (appropriately) after its 100th episode.

According to a Deadline interview with show creator Jason Rothenberg, he and his writers had been discussing ending the programme after Season 7 for several years.

“We didn’t feel too secure about that ending until about the end of season five,” he told the publication, “after it started to seem like it was in it for the long run.”

“Around that time, we made a pitch to the studio network to allow us to write to a conclusion, such as can we end the show at the end of season seven?” At that time, we started to think about our long-term strategy.”

Though there will be no Season 8 of The 100 on Netflix or The CW, we may see more of the show’s world in the future.

“Anaconda,” the eighth episode of The 100 Season 7, served as both a flashback episode and a pilot for a new prequel that may air on “The CW, HBO Max, or Netflix” shortly (as Rothenberg told TVLine).

“What I can say in terms of whether or not it’s going to happen is that there are negotiations that are still going on at the highest level…there is a chance, a decent chance, I guess, that it may come back,” Rothenberg said of the prequel to Deadline.

According to TVLine, the prequel’s working title is The 100: Second Dawn, and it will take place two years after the horrific event that wiped off the majority of humanity (The 100 proper is set 100 hundred years after it).

He’s also hinted that the prequel will go back even further in time. “I’d like to make Lost-style flashback episodes to pre-apocalyptic periods,” he told TVLine.

I’d like to shoot in restaurants, bars, and homes instead of being stuck in the middle of the woods.”

“[100 episodes is] a long time to be telling the tale of one group of characters,” the showrunner told Collider when asked why he was ending the original series.

We also didn’t want to overstay our welcome and become a show that continued to produce episodes into Seasons 10 and 12, and beyond, just for the sake of doing so.”

Seasons 1–7 of The 100 are now available on Netflix; the prequel has yet to be approved.

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