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Thank You to Our Coronavirus Helpers: Google Doodle Games Swimming


Google has expressed their thanks and appreciation to frontline workers fighting COVID-19 pandemic with a series of doodles.

These doodles depict various essential workers such as doctors, nurses, teachers, farmers, delivery workers and more – doctors included! One particular doodle features people enjoying swimming pool with lifeguard watching over them as part of the “Thank You: Coronavirus Helpers” series from April 6-18 202012.

On April 25 and 26, 2020, Google released the swimming pool doodle to express our thanks to public health workers and researchers working hard to develop a vaccine against coronaviruses like coronaviruses, as well as encourage people to follow preventative measures such as social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands and social distancing in order to help stop virus transmission.

Google has been using Doodles since 1998 to honor various occasions, events and personalities.

The inaugural Doodle was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in order to commemorate their attendance at Burning Man festival. Since then, over 4,000 doodles have been created across its global homepages.

One of the hallmarks of Google doodles is their interactive games that users can play on the homepage, such as cricket, soccer, basketball and tennis.

Other doodles focus on cultural events like Halloween, Lunar New Year or Valentine’s Day while still others provide educational games in areas like coding music or art.

Google launched in 2017 an initiative known as “Google Doodle Games” in order to revive some of their classic titles such as Pac-Man, Snake, Rubik’s Cube and Pinata from their past.

Every two weeks a different doodle features in this series and brings back one or more games such as Pac-Man, Snake Rubik’s Cube or Pinata for viewers’ pleasure.

FAQs: The Ultimate Guide of Your Questions

Q: How can I play Google Doodle Games?

A: To play Google Doodle Games, visit their homepage and click on any doodle you see there, or access their archive and search for games you wish to play.

Q: I want to express my appreciation for those helping with coronavirus research. What are my options?

A: One way you can express your thanks to coronavirus helpers is by following their advice and staying safe. Alternatively, donations to WHO, UNICEF, or Red Cross would also be greatly appreciated. Finally, sharing positive messages via social media using hashtags such as #ThankYouCoronavirusHelpers or #StayHomeSaveLives would also help thank these remarkable people.

Q: Where can I gain more information about COVID-19?

A: To gain more insight into COVID-19, it is recommended to visit reliable sources of information, such as WHO or CDC. Your local health authorities may also offer updates and guidelines. Using Google Search or News can also be useful to locate articles and videos related to the topic of COVID-19.

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