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Texas Cop Aaron Dean Fatally Shot: Know Who Killed Him?



Texas Cop Aaron Dean Fatally Shot: Aaron Dean, one of the Texas Police Officers is asked to give a statement about the death of Atatiana Jeffery who was shot and killed by him.

The officer shot and killed Atatiana Jefferson three years ago. He made his statement on Monday 12 December 2022 about her tragic death.

Aaron stated that he accepted her being robbed, and then he saw a gun pointed towards him. This happened when welfare checked the Texas home for any problems.

The statement denied the claim by her young nephew. Many questions have been raised about him, her and what took place there after the news goes viral.

Aaron Dean Shot Dead

Texas Cop Aaron Dean Fatally Shot

Sources say that the death of a 28 year-old woman occurred on 12 October 2019, at her home, when the Fort Worth Police officer was responsible for a welfare check.

After receiving a call from 911, he went to her house and found that her front door had been partially opened by her neighbor. When Dean was asked to assess his work that night, he agreed to take the stand.

The Jurors now decide that Jefferson was killed by the gunshot in order to save his life.

In 2019, after shooting the woman aged 28 years, he was arrested for the murder of Jefferson. Prosecutors claimed that he had intentionally killed her.

Zion Carr, her niece of 11 years, stated last week that he was still there the night of the shooting as he played video games with his aunt.

 Also, he stated that after making hamburgers, he opened the windows and that his aunt heard him shouting from the backyard. He then recalled that his aunt grabbed a gun from his hand and pointed it in her direction as dean fired the shot.

Who was Aaron Dean?

This is not a valid justification. The evidence and proofs will prove that this was not a case of self-defense.

It was a murder case brought to the attention by Ashlea Deener, Tarrant County prosecutor.

Dean claimed that he saw the shadow of the person and the gun, but that he did not remember seeing hands. However, he did see that a weapon was pointed towards him.

Although the justification has yet to be confirmed, there are many people still waiting for justice and social media users spreading rumors and fake news on the internet. We will update this article if we receive any additional information.

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