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Is Israr Ahmed Youtube Channel Terminated?

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Screenshot 2023 11 17 144320

Is Dr. Israr Ahmed’s Youtube Channel Terminated?: Dr. Israr Ahmed’s official Youtube channel has been taken from Youtube, according to reports. Dr. Israr Ahmed was a Pakistani Islamic theologian, Islamic scholar, and philosopher, yes, you read that correctly.

Dr. Israr Ahmed’s Youtube Channel terminated?

israr ahmed youtube channel terminated
israr ahmed youtube channel terminated
  • In the Islamic community, he became well-known and well-known. He did, however, pass away in 2010.
  • His name was just brought to light again when his Youtube channel was taken down. The information has been swiftly disseminated around the internet.
  • Many people have been curious as to why Dr. Israr Ahmed’s official YouTube account was removed. You will find all of the pertinent information on this topic here.

Is Dr. Israr Ahmed’s YouTube channel Terminated or still running?

According to sources, YouTube has taken down Dr. Israr Ahmed’s official YouTube channel. Over 2.9 million people subscribed to the channel, which received 351.2 million views on 3,916 videos. For Muslims, his station was a valuable source of information. This move is being hailed as a win by a Jewish news organisation called. According to the media site, Youtube eventually caved in to their demand and shut down the channel. Hassan claimed that the website hosted the anti-semitic movies and did not remove them, despite moderators’ instructions to do so.

Dr. Israr Ahmed YouTube Channel

Malik Faisal Akram, from Blackburn, UK, saw the clips on the channel before going to Texas and kidnapping four people at the Beth Israel synagogue on January 15, he said. Three of the terrorist’s acquaintances revealed this week that seeing Pakistani hate preacher Israr Ahmed on the internet radicalised him.When he saved the clips revealing the assassination of tour guide Eli Kay by Hamas’ Fadi Abu Shkaydam in Jerusalem on November 21, he was also ignored, he claimed.

He claimed that the proprietors informed him that they were unable to seize them because the creators of the videos were not on Youtube’s restricted list and no terrorist emblems were visible. The YouTube policy, Hassan told the Jewish Chronicle, is a sham. “Hate speech is not allowed on YouTube,” the YouTube platform’s executives declared. We take down information that encourages violence or hatred toward persons or groups.”

“We banned the channels belonging… to Israr Ahmad for breaking our standards on hate speech,” Youtube told the JC, “and eleven additional videos were removed as a result of this circumvention or for infringing our policy on violent extremism,” as well as for hate speech. Keep an eye on this space for more information.

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