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Bengali Director Tarun Majumdar Passed Away At The Age Of 92


Bengali director Tarun Majumdar passed away at the age of 92: The saddest news on the internet was just disclosed on social media, and shortly after it was made public, it generated excitement and quickly became the talk of the town.

All the great personalities are expressing their sorrow over this tragedy. 

Who Was Tarun Majumdar?

tarun majumdar

The Padma Shri-awarded Indian cinema director Tarun Majumdar was born on January 8, 1931, in the Bogra District of Bangladesh. He was one of the best and top directors in the business, therefore it won’t be awful if all the condolences are as predicted. When discussing his filmography, there are a number of films that will surprise you with how many he has already directed. Chaowa Pawa, the film that launched his career, released his final picture, Adhikar, a feature-length documentary, in 2018.

What happened to Tarun Majumdar

It’s not a bad thing to mention that Bengali filmmaker Tarun Majumdar was one of the legendary directors of the Indian film industry.

He gained notoriety as a pillar of Indian cinema for his iconic films spinning around heartwarming stories that were primarily based on the life and struggles of middle-class families.

You must all be aware that people enjoy watching films where they can imagine themselves participating in the stories, and he always did this.

Following the news of his passing, a large number of people turned to social media to express their sorrows. All of this can be seen on social media as it has been flooded with all of it. On Monday, the man passed away in a hospital in Kolkata.

Tarun Majumdar death cause

At the age of 91, the guy passed away in a hospital in Kolkata on July 4, 2022; he had previously battled kidney and cardiac problems in addition to a chest infection. May his soul rest in heaven, and please accept our deepest sympathies to the family.

Tarun Majumdar awards

If we talk about his awards, Padma Shri, National Award, BFJA Award, Filmfare Award, and Anandalok Award are some of the names of notable awards, but aside from this, there are so many awards that he was honored by before departing the earth for heaven. There is no doubt, however, that he will always remain alive in the hearts of his audience through all of his directed movies.

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