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Actor Ranvir Shorey Father Krishan Dev Shorey Died At 92


Ranvir Shorey Father died: Actor Ranvir Shorey’s father Krishan Dev Shorey Passed away at 92. We have some extremely sad news that was recently shared by Ranvir Shorey, well-known for his acting.

He has recently shared with his followers through Twitter. His father, Krishan Dev Shorey died in the year 92 at age. This sad news about his dad is currently going viral, and the media are sharing the story. People are paying tribute to him on social media.

Many want to know how the actor die, as well as other questions. In this piece, we’ll discuss him and his son to most people are unaware of his life.

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Who is Ranvir Shorey?


He is a well-known actor who has been in numerous Bollywood films and delivered impressive performances. He began his acting career along with one of his co-actors as well as another actor named Vinay Pathak.

He was later presenter of the show Ranvir Vinay Aur Kaun , and as well The Great Indian Comedy Show which broadcast through Star One and people loved the show.

The year 2003 saw his appearance in the film was a an instant hit with the name Jism which received more praise. The name of his father was Krishan Dev Shorey, who passed away in the last few days. Below we have listed the reason for his death.

How Did Ranvir Shorey Father died?

He died on September 16th, 2022 aged 92. Many are seeking the reason for his death .

His son Ranvir Shorey confirmed the death announcement and stated that the reason for his death was natural since the age was 92.

He also revealed that he passed away surrounded by his family and grandchildren and children. He left behind many beautiful memories that will remain in his heart for the rest of time.

He told us that he’d lost a source of inspiration, and wished the soul of his loved ones rest peacefully.

Krishan Dev Shorey Tributes & Cremation

Twitter is brimming with his praises as many of his associates and acquaintances claimed that he was the most wonderful person to give anyone the courage to face difficulties.

Many people would like to know the details of his funeral so that they can offer the least funeral service however, no details are available about his funeral . We will be sure to update you regarding when relatives of the deceased will announce this information.

We offer our condolences to his loved ones and pray that Krishan Dev Shorey’s soul rest in peace.

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