Seven Interesting Facts About The Star Wars logo: Hi Friends, Today I am going to share some interesting information about The Star Wars film saga. It has been around for over four decades it develops gradually to keep with the times. The works in the Star Wars logos of the 70s was never going to work in the 21st century.  

Star Wars logo Interesting Facts

There is a lengthy and fascinating history behind the Star Wars logo. Going back to the early days when George Lucas was still working on the film that would become called A New Hope. Over a dozen of movies, the franchise has taken a completely different turn from those early years with Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. Here is some interesting information about the Star Wars logo’s history over the years.  

1. The early look of the Star Wars logo was radically different

Star Wars logo
Star Wars logo

The original Star Wars logo was a triangular shape. According to artist Ralph McQuarrie, this version is depicted as an early male role design that is McQuarrie, who points to Han Solo or Luke Skywalker with a first lightsaber design. Not in the previous film called American Graffiti. 

This early production decal was used on film cylindrical container and internal equipment. The movie’s original title is The Star Wars, which shows in a Futura Display in the style of font. It was a very different look for the movie. Which was, to say the least.  

Things were changed quickly as the film’s release appears. By the late-year 1975, 20th Century Fox cut the “The” giving Star Wars had its iconic name. Once the title changed, Lucas and his team decided to rework the logo’s entire look. But the pre-production sticker gives the audience an insight into Lucas’s early motive for the series before shooting started. 

2. Some prominent designers worked on the Star Wars logo

 During A New Hope’s different logo designs, several popular designers moved from one place to another on board to help to create a different performance for the movie. 

For example, designer Dan Perri had created one logo that used a destroying point. This version is featured to a large extent on ads and posters for the film before its release. It was created with the movie’s iconic opening slowly surface in mind which makes sense, as Perri also developed the opening surface.

He also worked on Raging Bull, which was designed a logo for Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and worked on the titles for Taxi Driver. 

Joe Johnston revised another Suzy Rice’s logo and created the final look as we now know it today. He later worked with Hollywood’s director Steven Spielberg on Raiders of the Lost Ark, and directed Honey, I Shrunk the Kids back in the late years of the ’80s. So yes, there actually is a relation between Honey, I Shrunk the KidsRaiders of the Lost Ark, and the original Star Wars. 

3. George Lucas wanted the Rice logo to look very fascist

Star Wars logo
Star Wars logo

The Star Wars logo is not necessarily fascist in nature. But when A New Hope was in production, Lucas wanted the film to leave capacity moviegoers with a lasting impression. He chose a specific controversial way to do so. 

On creating the series’ new logo, Lucas turned to Suzy Rice and asked her to create a design that looked “very fascist.” Then she chose Helvetica Black. She claims a book she read the night before the logo’s due date claimed Helvetica had roots in Joseph Goebbels. 

According to Gizmodo, this is only partially true. But Helvetica Black’s legacy creates far from the Nazi regime itself. The two just show to come from similar font families, even though Helvetica came independently with no connection to Nazi Germany. 

Still, Nazism certainly affects the logo, even if Rice’s reasoning was slightly off. 

4. Uniformity came in the later years

Star Wars logo
Star Wars logo

When A New Hope was originally released as Star Wars back in the year 1970s, several various logos were floating around advertising the film. And that means a big portion of ads and merchandise did not use Rice and Johnston’s iconic look to promote the film Star Wars. 

 The year 1976 novelization ghostwritten by Alan Dean Foster. He used Helvetica font, bypassing the film’s logos altogether. Posters of the film promote before release used Dan Perri’s rejected logo with the words “Star Wars” straighten out.

And if the logo was warping out to the distance. And even after Rice’s official logo was revised by Johnston, some promoting products would still use Rice’s lettering, but others would take on Johnston’s logo. 

It would take until the year the 1980s for Johnston’s take on Rice’s logo to finally stick and by the year ’90s. Almost all Star Wars promotes products relied on it one way or another. Until then, various designs and redesigns came out, defining those early years as slightly disconnected compared to the uniformity we saw later. 

5. Solo: A Star Wars Story and other modern logos that have historic roots on it

Star Wars logo
Star Wars logo
Star Wars logo
Star Wars logo

 Han Solo’s upcoming film called Solo: A Star Wars Story will arrive in the year 2018 and like Rogue One. This film’s logo uses a frame around the main title to represent its connection to the Star Wars in the universe. But as it turns out, there is actually a long history of Star Wars titles using on a frame. Dating all the way back to the first sequel of the film. 

Star Wars logo
Star Wars logo
Star Wars logo
Star Wars logo

When The Empire Strikes Back started its marketing run for the year 1980 release. The ads for the film turned the Star Wars logo into a frame. This placing the episode’s subtitle in the middle. This was a huge first for the Star Wars logo, starting a long history for handling the movies’ subtitles. The series’ approaching to episodes would change over the years. 

6. Even in foreign languages, many countries hold onto the original logo of the film

Star Wars logo
Star Wars logo

 In some of the film and sci-fi franchises, many logos differ widely from country to country. That is not the case with the Star Wars films. In fact, when The Force Awakens landed in the theaters back in the year 2015. Most of the countries used the words “Star Wars” as the right in their title. 

Comparing to its trailers across the countries reveals the differences. For example, in the states, France, Spain, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Czech Republic, each logo for The Force Awakens uses the words “Star Wars” on the top and the bottom. Described on the episode title translated into the country’s native language. 

So, in the state of France, The Force Awakens is called “Star Wars: Le Réveil de la Force.” Whereas in Spanish, the title reads “Star Wars: El Despertar de la Fuerza.” 

7. Fans think the red logo for The Last Jedi is a worrying impression

Star Wars logo
Star Wars logo

Star Wars fans around the world immediately noticed that The Last Jedi has a red Star Wars logo on it. This is not the classic yellow style. And some find out that means The Last Jedi will deal with some pretty dark moments. Wired points out that red color traditionally symbolizes “danger” and death in Star Wars.

There is a reason Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and Kylo Ren who all carrying red lightsabers. Even outside the series, red traditionally has symbolized aggression and blood-shedding in storytelling. 

So, these are the Star War Logo with its descriptions and uses of different logos on the title of films. Please go through this article, and enjoy reading it. 

If any Queries or Questions is persisting then, please feel free to comment on your viewpoints.

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