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Sonia Gandhi’s Mother Paola Maino Dies Aged 90


Sonia Gandhi’s Mother Paola Maino Dies Aged 90 in Italy: We’re come to share the terrible news that Paola Maino, the mother of Sonia Gandhi, passed away on August 27, 2022, in Italy, at the age of 90. People want to know the reason for her passing because this news has gone widespread on the internet.

If you’re here to learn more about this news, we’ve included extensive details about her in the sections below. Let’s have a look, then. Get more updates on chopnews

Who Was Paola Maino?

Sonia Gandhi, the president of the Congress Party, was raised by her. When it comes to her hubby, she wed Stephan and was born in 1929. We will update you about her if we learn more because her bio is not listed online and her family members and others have not provided further information about her schooling. Look down below where we’ve mentioned how she passed away to learn more.

Paola Maino’s Cause of Death

At the age of 90, she passed away on August 27, 2022. Many people are looking for the cause of her death because they want to know what happened to her because she had reached her 90s and was in poor health because her body was not functioning properly.

She had even called her grandson to arrange a weekend visit. She was a dedicated mother who enjoyed being in charge of many things. Her family takes care of her and keeps coming to see her in Italy. Members of Sonia’s party said that Rahul was travelling abroad for personal reasons.

Paola Maino funeral

Sonia Gandhi’s Mother Paola Maino Dies, this is a shocking news for all of us. As her mother’s burial was held on August 27, 2022, people sent condolences to the family, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi also sent a letter of condolence to Sonia Ji. He expresses his opinions to the entire family as well.

Her family is currently grieving and has not yet released a statement. Many more people also expressed their sincere condolences to her family and wished her soul peace.

We also send our condolences to her family, and we pray for eternal peace for her soul.

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