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Stranger Things Erica Characters – Erica Sinclair

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Stranger Things Erica has been a hit among kids for its quirky cast of young characters. One of them is Priah Ferguson’s 12-year-old Erica Sinclair, who was a minor player in season one before suddenly getting a bigger role in the show’s second season.

Despite her sassy little sister status, she’s also a smart girl who brings a lot of personality to the series. She’s a character worth watching, so we rounded up some of our favorite things about her.

Stranger Things Erica  a sassy little sister

Erica’s sassy attitude and empowering confidence in season 3 of Stranger Things made her one of the internet’s favorite characters. Her dismissiveness towards Gaten Matarazzo and David Harbour, her brother, was not the only problem.

Erica is not happy that she is treat as a young child by her parents. She’s a bit of a rebel who tries to school the town about what she knows when Satanic Panic starts settling in.

She is also Max’s big sister and cares about him. She even comes to his basketball games despite her parents telling her not to go. She’s one of the only characters in the show to support her brother, and she’s a great role model for other young girls. We’ll hopefully see more of her charm in season 3. Ferguson loved the role.

She’s a nerd

Priah Ferguson, Lucas Sinclair’s younger sibling, is frequently call Erica for her geekiness. She’s a fan of My Little Pony, she knows a lot about politics, and she’s very talented in math.

However, she doesn’t let her nerdiness get in the way of her friendship with Dustin and Steve. She assists them in their investigation, and helped Steve and Robin flee the Russians.

She’s also a strong leader and has the ability to defy stereotypes. She joined the Hellfire Club, and tried to kill the Vecna who was killing Hawkins teens.

While it is clear she is a valuable asset to the group’s success, Erica’s character has a huge hit with many viewers. Although she is a little loudmouthed, sassy and sometimes a bit sarcastic, Erica is smart and will not take no for an answer. She’s a true hero!

She is a leader

Erica (Priah) was a minor character on the first series of Stranger Things. But she got her chance this season. It was a risk to give a 10-year-old a big role on the show, but it worked out.

She’s a leader at heart, and that shows through her willingness to stick by Lucas as he deals with his ex-girlfriend Max’s traumatic experiences over the death of their brother Billy. She’s also the one who helps set up a LiteBrite so Steve, Robin, Nancy and Eddie can communicate with the Upside Down.

Although she is often question about her leadership skills, she has learn to persevere in hard work and do good work. She’s learn to not spend too much time on politics and instead focusing on creating happy teams and efficient work processes.

Erica serves as the Chief Thought Lead at Mobius Executive Leadership. This company offers leadership training for senior managers. She’s work in a number of high-profile industries, including healthcare.

She is a bright girl

Erica Sinclair is a smart girl who loves to nerd out. Although she is quick to express her opinions, her stubbornness and refusal to be rule over by others are a sign of her intelligence. Her skills as a Dungeons and Dragons player are well-known, and she is an expert on My Little Pony history.

Her friends and she are a great team player. She helps Lucas, Dustin, Steve, and Robin in their mission to stop Vecna from killing teens in Hawkins.

A bit of time traveling is something she also enjoys. She can sometimes visit a past event in her current life by walking though a doorway that normally leads to another room. This often results in her revisiting an event that she regrets and being able change it.

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