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Skyrim Houses and How to get them all

Abhishek Singh



Skyrim Houses and How to get them all: Hi, Friends Today I will share some exciting information on the topic of Every house in ‘Skyrim’ and how to get them all. Go to the article and enjoy reading it.

Skyrim Houses and How to get them all

Since Skyrim the Elder Scrolls V was releasing nine years, many fans still have not gotten tired of traveling aimlessly from place to place. The snowy reaches of Tamriel’s fantastic characters, imaginative creatures. An exciting search for something in this world will never stop entertaining a large number of fans. They are still traveling together to this game. But whether one is playing through for the first time, diving back into a well-loved save. 

It can make it hard to keep track of every city and town in this expansive world and let alone the various Skyrim houses.

Some homes require a high level of an unreasonably high amount of gold to purchase; others are easier to obtain but may be less convenient or much smaller; the Skyrim houses are best for one to depends mainly on the level and play style. With keeping in mind, we took a look at all of the Skyrim houses that one can own, borrow, or build and how to get them.

A list of the houses in Skyrim

There are more reasons to remove out the gold required to purchase one of the Skyrim houses. One can rest at any of the pubs provided throughout the game, but nothing beats owning the home plus since any of the containers in unowned houses or inns reset. 

The Main Skyrim houses

There are many houses in Skyrim, but some require players to finish certain quests before they can obtain them. Others require a certain level and lots of gold.

Depending on what kind of character that one should be built. What skills and storylines are emphasizing each of the Skyrim houses has its benefits and disadvantages. 

1.  Markarth – Vlindrel Hall

Vlindrel Hall is located in the impressive Dwemer city of Markarth can contain in one of three ways. It can purchase it from the Raerek, the Steward of Jarl Edmund, after completing many searches.

After completing the search “Liberation of Skyrim” house, it can purchase from the new Steward or if one wants to go a different route.

Then one can negotiate a purchase with the Jarl during these search “Season Unending”. The house’s base cost is around 8,000 gold, with an additional 4,200 gold is required to fully decorate the sizeable golden door leading into the new home looks. No different from every entry in the Markarth. So it is hard to keep track of where this house lies in the city.

However, if one keeps in mind that the home is the highest in Markarth, the search should be more accessible house stands out thanks to its unique Dwemer style and stunning views. 

2. Raven Rock – Severin Manor

The Dorian-style manor is located in the northwest corner of the city of Raven Rock in Solstheim to reaching the place of Solstheim headed to the city of kings and find the docks. There, speak with Gjolund smudging, whom one will have to convince to transport the one.

One can attempt to persuade or intimidate him. One can remove out 500 gold to offer him once in the Raven Rock. One will need to complete the quest “Served Cold” for April Arano before the Severin Manor becomes for free or no less.

A spacious manor is equipped with installing the thick disc of stone, alchemy lab, an arcane enchanter. Severin Manor comes in fully equipped when one should obtain it.

Unfortunately, a big downside to this particular property is the inability to invite the children. Spouses or noble to join one in its lavish halls. Yet, with numerous a person employed by a designer. Weapon racks and even bookshelves. It is one of the best overall Skyrim houses.

3. Riften – Honeyside

This mid-sized house is located on the northwest-north-west side of Riften. Honey side is one of the only Skyrim houses with uses from both within the city. Also, the docks outside.

After arriving near Riften, many of the players will need to speak to an Argonian woman named Wujeeta on the docks.

She will give one the “Skooma Trade” quest it needs to completed before moving forward; then, with a high enough reputation among the citizens of Riften, one can purchase the honey side Speak to Anuriel or Hemming Black-Briar to buy the property. It will run one between 5,000 and 8,000 gold. Raising will cost an additional amount of 4,300 to 4,800 in gold.

Honeyside is two floors home with all the bells. The whistles are typical of Skyrim houses. It can be improved to include an alchemy lab arcane enchanter and a tanning rack uniquely; it can also be upgraded to have a large garden. From which many of the players can harvest many plants. It is in particular, makes the Riften home an excellent option for players. With specific importance to alchemy.

4. Solitude – Proudspire Manor

The most expensive house in Skyrim is also expecting the most luxurious home was standing an entire three-floor tall this impressive home is near enough to Solitude’s wealthy merchants. To make any business trip easy.

To obtain this expensive home, then one would need to head to Solitude. Speak with Falk Firebeard and Steward to the Jarl.

Once you have to complete “The Man Who Cried, Wolf”. “Elisif’s Tribute” quests, then you will provide you with the option to purchase the home. 

It will run one with a whopping 25,000 gold. However, so make sure one should save up. The Upgrades will run one another with 11,000 gold. It is more than many of the other base that home costs in the game.

 This home is located on the eastern side of Solitude, near Bard’s College and Vittoria Vici’s house; when first obtained, its age is made clear through the dust and cobwebs.

Those are drops in its rooms and halls once one forces to move some money into renovations. However, the quality of the home will significantly improve.

Despite being the most expensive Skyrim house, the proud spire Manor is a less well-equipped home. With less storage space than most houses. 

Along with no display cases for weapons, this home is surprisingly less critical. Unless one loves Solitude or one is on a quest to own every home. We might recommend skipping this one.

5. Windhelm – Hjerim

Here is one of the best Skyrim houses. This related search for something is also one of the most entertaining multi-story homes is located in the Valunstrad quarter of Windhelm.

We won’t lie but learning how to find this house is going to take a while. Once one is figured out, the consisting of a complex network of streets of Windhelm. However, one will be glad to choose this location.

Unlike many of the houses in Skyrim, here require entirely different things that are depending on whether. The character is in combination with the Imperials or Stormcloaks. 

As a Stormcloak, the completion of Galmar Stone-Fist’s quest is “Rescue from Fort Neugrad”. It will allow one to purchase the home if one is siding with the relating to an empire. 

The entire “Civil War” making a long must complete the house will run one with 12,000 gold at the base with another 9,000 gold worth of renovations.

While it initially does not look like much. Once improved by the addition, Hjerim is easily one of the most desirable Skyrim houses. Once one is gotten all the cobwebs and, erm, body parts cleaned out.

Anyway, this two-story home abilities spacious rooms and plenty of storage. That is not to mention a secret room. It can be renovated into combined alchemy and attractive workshop.

The questline “Blood on the Ice” is a twist with this home. However, and must be completed before can do any renovations.

6. Whiterun – Breezehome

If we are honest, Breezehome is not worth the gold is required to purchase it. Of course, which of the Skyrim houses one should choose is entirely up to you. But with so many great options. Breezehome cannot help but feel like a cheat someone. 

Found right at the entrance to Whiterun and adjacent to Warmaidens. It is two stories tall but offers little storage space, and no dummy is still the cheapest house in Skyrim will only run one with 5,000 gold with an additional 1,800 for upgrades; this makes Breezehome an excellent option for beginners. To buy it, speak with Proventus Avenicci once one has to complete the “Bleak Falls Barrow” quest. Then you can purchase it. 

Breezehome’s relationship to the Whiterun smithy makes it an excellent choice for aspiring blacksmiths. Even just the players are looking to level up rapidly if they never make 900 iron knives.

Just for the XP, now is the chance to try. Unless one has the Hearthfire expansion, no adopted children can join one in this cozy home.

Building Skyrim houses

On top of the already-completing houses that can purchase in Skyrim, there are several buildable homes. Simultaneously, Skyrim’s building system does not quite allow the freedom of Fallout 4 plots still provide the option for players to customize their homes in several ways.

These houses may be slightly off the beating way but have the option to fast-travel directly to their doors. It is worth noting that we can only purchase these plots with the Hearthfire expansion. So won’t be applicable for anyone to operating with only the base game.

1. Falkreath – Lakeview Manor

The lovely home is located north of Pinewatch in the dense woods that is overlooking Lake Ilinalta. They were settled between Falkreath and Riverwood.

Bleak Falls Barrow is just a short journey to the north of this spacious property; to obtain it, the player will need to complete several tasks. For the Jarl of Falkreath.

Unless one is already Thane of Falkreath, the players will need to complete “Rare Gifts” and “Kill the Bandit Leader can purchase Lakeview house from Sulfur the Steward and husband of Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone.

Suppose the Stormcloaks have taken Hjaalmarch from the Picture. The new Steward. Owning it will run one with 5,000 gold, not to mention many necessary ingredients.

To raise, players will need to complete the tasks. Gather the resources, though I will provide them.

Lakeview Manor stands out from the other building properties thanks to its optional “apiary” addition. It allows for honeycomb harvesting, and bees also have quite a bit of nearby harvestable resources.

Mainly Stone, Ore, and Clay, a nearby wolf den, may cause problems if one doesn’t take it out before purchasing the property. Necromancers also frequently scheme nearby.

2. Hjaalmarch – Windstad Manor

Can purchase this home from the Steward Nenya or Tekla. Suppose the Stormcloaks have taken the Falkreath can find it in the northern reaches of Hjaalmarch. Near the western border of the Pale. Once one is completed, the search for something Laid to Rest the land will become available from the Steward of Hjaalmarch. It was located in Highwood Hall in the Morthal. It will cost around 5,000 gold to purchase.

Windstar Manor is the only buildable home to offer fish poultry that will allow players to breed and harvest several fish varieties. Several stones and nearby camps allow for excellent trading opportunities.

The materials for the home’s expansion to look over the Karth and Hjaal Rivers with the Sea of Ghosts and a Nordic tomb, a hop, skip and jump away.

3. The Pale – Heljarchen Hall

Suppose the Imperials have taken the inferior. Heljarchen can be purchased from Brina Merilis. From composer the Elder, if the Pale is still unconquered, suppose one is not joined with the imperials quests “Waking Nightmare” and “Kill the Giant” will need to be completed for players who went the Imperial route. Brina will offer it with no extra search for something required. Regardless, it will cost one 5,000 gold to purchase. 

This charming home rests among the snow-coated mountainous terrain in Skyrim Throat of the world’s central area are south. The nearby Tower of Mark allows quick use to Blackreach.

Heljarchen Hall is the only buildable spot to offer a Grain Mill. It allows the players to make flour. The home’s clear line of sight. It will enable the enemies to be seen from a distance. 

It is fortunate, as robber attacks are standard on this property. They are putting livestock at risk. Unfortunately, one will also find that male children dislike this location due to its chilly weather.

Faction – related Skyrim houses

There are many organizations that one can join in Skyrim, from the mysterious Dark Brotherhood to the magically-oriented College of Winterhold once you have conquered a few enemies and completed some searches.

Then one will get the opportunity to join the favorite factions permanently. The membership ID comes with included lodging. Typically within the chosen faction’s walls. Like the other Skyrim houses. These offer several benefits. However, some do come with disadvantages.

1. Haafinger – Castle Volkihar

An island far from the west of Solitude houses a dangerous castle. The home of the Volkihar vampire kinship. The large building becomes available once the players have installed the Dawnguard add-on. 

Initially, the unused, one can gain to use to this impressive keep by working with the Dawnguard’s vampire hunters. It won’t take long to earn uses, particularly after one has met with Serana. Oh, and one will want to be either a vampire—an experienced vampire hunter before entering the keep. 

Assuming one doesn’t immediately enrage every vampire within its walls. One can sleep in one of the available coffins in the sleeping quarters. It will grant players the “Vampiric Blood Rested” per. 

Suppose one is looking for something a bit more private. Then one will need to complete the “Kindred Judgement” questline. It will grant one to use to Lord Harkon’s quarters and torture-rack and all.

2. Dawnstar Sanctuary – Outside Dawnstar

Who does not want to live in a left Dark Brotherhood sanctuary that sanctuary one has to reach a certain point in the Dark Brotherhood questline? When Cicero flees, he runs to this hiding place.

To enter, the players will need to obtain Cicero’s final journal. In which the string of words has written, the Black Door will ask, “What is life’s greatest illusion that the player must answer with the correct passcode innocence, my brother.”

Once one has dealt with Cicero and completed “The Cure for Madness.” One will be able to move into these hidden halls. Thankfully, several purchasable upgrades that can tree the place up a bit.

Totaling around 19,000 gold upgrades include a master bedroom, secret entrance, and even a torture room. They are already stocked with unwilling victims. Spouses won’t be able to join one here. Unfortunately, so this location is a never-ending bachelor’s pad. 

3. Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary – Outside Falkreath

Another Dark Brotherhood housing option is the original sanctuary, which will found to the west of Falkreath. Just southeast of the Roadside Ruins. Once one has completed “With Friends Like These.” they will add the cover to the map. 

Even if one manages to trip across this secret entrance on the own, entry will be denied until one obtains the sequence of words Astrid the correct answer to the Black Door’s question is “Silence, my brother.” 

Within the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary’s somewhat eerie halls, one can store the goods and rest the head as soon as one has joined the Brotherhood. These options become available.

However, Beware is unwise to store the goods here for long once one has completed the storyline. Chances are good one will lose anything that one forgot to grab.

4. The Ragged Flagon – Riften

Before one has become a full member of the Thieves Guild, this location is a headache to reach. Startingly, usable through a manipulated cupboard in The Ragged Flagon. The first one has to walk the maze-like tunnels of the Ratway Vaults.

Upon becoming a full member, the players can use the Cistern through a secret tunnel hid them in a small tomb; once found, this entrance will be marked on the city map.

For the players who are pursuing a life of thievery and mischief, the location, in particular, can be a great choice is one of the less luxurious options in Skyrim. Thankfully, slow upgrades will tree the place up as the players complete tasks for Delvin Mallory.

In the Cistern are several beds and chests. Those goods can be stored in, along with a wardrobe. Perfect for an increase in lockpicking skills are interesting; the goods within the chests scattered throughout the Cistern change based on players’ levels. Therefore, if one chooses to wait until one has reached a higher level to join, higher-level goods will become available.

5. Nightingale Hall – Outside Riften

Nightingale Hall – Outside Riften does not allow being seen home is located between Riften and the Shadow Stone. Nightingale Hall – Outside Riften is home to the Nightingale.  becomes usable to players once they have started the Thieves Guild quest Trinity Restored the interior is in a general state of failing to care for correctly initially. But will slowly be fixed up as the player returns to the location. And once one has become a Nightingale. One can use the beds and chests in the Nightingale Hall. 

Once one has become a fully developed member, one is welcome to reside within these halls. Several skill books are scattered throughout.

It was aimed at improving the Thieves Guild-related skills. Once the “Trinity Restored” search for something is completed, the hall will be restored and upgraded from its former shabby state. 

6. Companion quarters – Whiterun

But this location may not be as secretive exciting as some of the other faction-related Skyrim houses. It is far easier to use and unlock once the players choose to join the Companions. 

An option is available from early in the game. It will be allowed to use some of the beds and chests that are scattered throughout.

Many of the rooms in Jorrvaskr has already belonged to someone. Therefore cannot be used. The goods that they store can also be stolen. However, it is advised to do so with extreme caution. The Companions look down on thievery.

If one is caught, they will quickly turn against one; the southwest area is home to several useable beds. Suppose one has chosen to take Aela the Huntress as a wife quarters will also available. Unfortunately, no other spouses will able to join one here.

7. Harbinger’s Quarters – Whiterun

For a more luxurious housing arrangement, the quest for search something will allow players to take over the Harbinger’s Quarters consists of a bedroom and an attached study. These are some of the most excellent accommodations. The players can obtain through a faction. 

Several display cases and shelves in the room are startingly unable to be used once the proper search is completing; everything in the room becomes available for the player to use an unusual gem in the bedroom. So even if one has no plans to join the Companions. It is valuable the trip to tour their headquarters. 

8. Apprentice’s quarters – Winterhold

Suppose one has decided to go the magical route. One of the first stops should be to the College of Winterhold. It is located on the west side of the large house; there is a living area for fresh recruits into the college. Once the players choose to become Apprentice, the Dragonborn’s private rooms will become available. 

Once one has joined up, the bed, storage, the goods in the room become all yours. Many potions, food, and ingredients are scattered throughout the room. It will able to be used to chow down or improve the alchemical abilities.

Suppose one is hoping to pursue a life of magic. Then this location is an excellent choice. Even after one has become Arch Mage, the quarters remain yours, and the wardrobes will continue to house the goods. The barrels, however, will give up anything stored within. So don’t forget to clear those out.

9. Arch Mage’s Quarters – Winterhold

Whether a player wants to be a supreme excellent or not, the Arch Mage’s Quarters is one of the most desirable faction-related Skyrim houses is located at the top of the central tower at the college.

Talk with excessive pride a bedroom, garden, dining area, and even an alchemy lab. Upon completion of the search “The Eye of Magnus.” Players will be given the title of Arch-Mage and gifted the quarters.

Unfortunately, spouses cannot join one in the Arch-Mage quarters. This home comes with almost everything that one might find in the traditional Skyrim houses. With bookshelves, wardrobes, an arcane enchanter, and also an alchemy lab. 

But ultimately, one has to be willing to spend some tough time were dedicated to magic to unlock this option. Before becoming Arch-Mage, many items in the room will invariably character. So the news is not all bad for the Non-Magical Players.

The overall Skyrim houses

As mentioned above, the best Skyrim house for one depends on the level and personal preferences. But if one wants to pick an appealing main place favorite. Then try Vlindrel Hall in the Markarth Severin Manor in the Raven Rock, or Hjerim in Windhelm.

Other Skyrim lodging options

The top of all of these excellent Skyrim houses, there is some married homes and cabins. They are available to store some goods and head the rest for players focused on a nomadic playstyle; these can provide an excellent option for the occasional rest to keep the goods.

There are also lots of housing options. We created through mods. Frequently with far more facilities and salary available beautiful homes complete with spa rooms, magical practice areas.

Even the prayer rooms can be downloaded thanks to talented modifiers. Who is lending their skill to go to check out some of these great options, particularly if none of the Skyrim houses listed above lightly touch the fancy?

It is vital information on every house in ‘Skyrim’ and how to get them all. Source of the article.

If Queries or Questions is persisting then, please comment on the viewpoints.

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Hawkmoon God Roll: How to Get the Best Hand Cannon in Destiny 2

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Hawkmoon is an exotic hand cannon that was introduced in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. It has a unique perk called Paracausal Shot, which allows each shot to create a temporary buff zone around the target that increases damage taken. The last shot in the magazine deals extra damage based on the number of precision hits landed with the weapon.

Hawkmoon is a versatile and powerful weapon that can be used in both PvE and PvP modes. However, not all Hawkmoons are created equal. Depending on the random roll you get, your Hawkmoon can have different perks that enhance its performance in different ways.

In this article, we will show you how to get Hawkmoon, what are the best rolls for PvE and PvP, and how to find its catalyst.

How to Get Hawkmoon in Destiny 2

Hawkmoon God Roll

To get Hawkmoon, you need to purchase a random roll from Xûr, who is only available on weekends. He sells different rolls each week, so you might need to wait for a while to get the one you want.

Xûr can be found either on Nessus, the Tower, or the EDZ. You can check his current location and inventory here.

To buy Hawkmoon from Xûr, you need:

  • 1 Exotic Cipher
  • 1 Ascendant Shard
  • 200 Legendary Shards
  • 125,000 Glimmer

Alternatively, you can also get Hawkmoon from exotic engrams or from the exotic kiosk in the Tower. However, these methods are less reliable and more expensive than buying from Xûr.

Hawkmoon God Rolls for PvE and PvP

Hawkmoon God Rolls for PvE and PvP

Hawkmoon can have different perks in its barrel, magazine, and trait slots. The best perks depend on your playstyle and preference, but here are some general guidelines for choosing a good roll:

  • For PvE, you want perks that increase your damage output, reload speed, and magazine size. Some examples are Outlaw, Rapid Hit, Extended Mag, and Rampage.
  • For PvP, you want perks that increase your range, stability, and consistency. Some examples are Rangefinder, Opening Shot, Accurized Rounds, and Kill Clip.

Here are some possible god rolls for Hawkmoon for PvE and PvP:

Mode Barrel Magazine Trait
PvE Corkscrew Rifling Extended Mag Rampage
PvP Hammer-Forged Rifling Accurized Rounds Rangefinder

Of course, these are not the only good rolls for Hawkmoon. You can experiment with different combinations and see what works best for you.

How to Find Hawkmoon Catalyst

How to Find Hawkmoon Catalyst

Hawkmoon catalyst is an item that improves the weapon’s performance by adding a new perk called Transformative. This perk allows you to change the weapon’s random roll by using an exotic cipher.

To find Hawkmoon catalyst, you need to complete a quest called As The Crow Flies. This quest requires you to find six feathers hidden in various locations across the solar system. You can check this guide for more details on how to complete the quest.

Once you have the catalyst, you need to kill enemies with Hawkmoon to unlock its full potential. You need 700 kills to complete the catalyst.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: What is Hawkmoon?

A: Hawkmoon is an exotic hand cannon that has a unique perk called Paracausal Shot.

Q: How do I get Hawkmoon?

A: You can buy a random roll of Hawkmoon from Xûr on weekends or get it from exotic engrams or the exotic kiosk.

Q: What are the best perks for Hawkmoon?

A: The best perks depend on your mode and preference, but some examples are Outlaw, Rapid Hit, Extended Mag, Rampage for PvE and Rangefinder, Opening Shot, Accurized Rounds, Kill Clip for PvP.

Q: How do I find Hawkmoon catalyst?

A: You need to complete a quest called As The Crow Flies and then kill enemies with Hawkmoon.

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What happened on the stream?


On June 12, 2017, MissQGemini was streaming a CS:GO match on Inferno. Just before the first round began, she opened up her hacking software, and enabled a pre-made cheating profile, turning on wallhacks. This allowed her to see the enemy players through walls and gain an unfair advantage.

She continued to play without realizing that her stream viewers could clearly see the cheats on her screen. When the chat pointed it out, she suddenly panicked and tried to act innocent. She first claimed that it was a glitch that showed everyone’s ranks, then said that her friend Rock had it before. She then blamed another friend named ‘Clara’, who she said had been playing on her PC and downloaded the cheats. She pretended to confront ‘Clara’ on the phone and asked her to delete the cheats. She then ended the stream abruptly.

How did the gaming community react?

How did the gaming community react?

The gaming community was quick to mock and criticize MissQGemini for her blatant cheating and lying. Her stream clip went viral on Reddit, YouTube, Twitter and other platforms. Many people made jokes and memes about ‘Clara’, who became a scapegoat for any cheating accusation in online games. Some people also called out MissQGemini for using her gender as an excuse for cheating, as she had ranted about how people accused her of cheating because she was a woman.

MissQGemini received a lot of hate messages and harassment online. She also faced legal consequences, as her CS:GO account was VAC banned for cheating. VAC stands for Valve Anti-Cheat, which is a system that detects and bans players who use cheats on Valve-controlled servers.

Where is MissQGemini now?

Where is MissQGemini now?

MissQGemini has effectively disappeared from the internet since the scandal. She deactivated her Twitch account voluntarily, and made her personal Twitter account private. She also changed her name to ‘TheDjinnn’ on Twitch, but she has not streamed since then.

She does still have a YouTube channel, named ‘Thawty’, although she has posted only a few videos, playing Rainbow Six Siege, and has less than 100 subscribers at the time of writing.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: Who is MissQGemini?

A: MissQGemini, also known as Haley Germaine, was a Twitch streamer who became infamous for cheating in a competitive match of CS:GO live on stream.

Q: What did MissQGemini do?

A: MissQGemini used wallhacks to see the enemy players through walls and gain an unfair advantage in CS:GO. She tried to cover up her cheating by blaming it on a mysterious friend named ‘Clara’, who supposedly downloaded the cheating software on her computer.

Q: What happened to MissQGemini?

A: MissQGemini received a lot of backlash and memes from the gaming community for her cheating and lying. She also got VAC banned from CS:GO for cheating. She deactivated her Twitch account voluntarily and quit streaming altogether.

Q: Who is Clara?

A: Clara is a fictional friend that MissQGemini blamed for downloading the cheating software on her computer. Clara became a meme in the gaming community as a scapegoat for any cheating accusation in online games.

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Randy’s Throwing Knife Medals

Abhishek Singh



Here’s Why Your ‘Destiny 2’ Randy’s Throwing Knife Quest Is Taking So Long

Randy’s Throwing Knife Medals : In Season of the Undying that launched with Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, Bungie made a big change.

randy's throwing knife medalsThey were killing pinnacle weapons and replacing them with “ritual weapons,” which were not guns with new perks, but instead, curated rolls and perhaps unique archetypes, at best.

This was to avoid problems we’ve seen with past pinnacle weapons like NF/Luna’s, Recluse and Mountaintop dominating PvP or PvE activities and being a balance nightmare to this day.

So far, I am supremely underwhelmed with ritual weapons. I have both the Vanguard one, Edgewise, which is just a Machine Gun that isn’t as good as like three other types, despite its curated roll, and the Gambit one, Exit Strategy, which doesn’t seem to be outperforming my Trackless Waste or Pillager in the same slot.

And yet I heard good things about Randy’s Throwing Knife, the rapid fire scout rifle, which truly feels unique in the slot. So I’ve been going for it.

Man, it’s been a grind. got the other two a while ago, but despite doing literally nothing but using Scout Rifles in Crucible since day one, and playing Iron Banner and Comp non-stop all week, I am still not done.

I have finished my scout kills (finally), but I’m at 85% of my medals. It’s taken so long I had to Google whether something was up. And something appears to be up.

What we have here is a combination between poorly explained requirements and possibly, a few actual bugs working against us.

First, we have the Scout Rifle kills bar which must be filled to 100%.

The quest gives the qualifier “Multikills give the most efficient progress toward Scout Rifle final blows,” like it’s so easy to get multikills with scouts.

Past that, it’s very irritating that this is final blows at all, as Crucible encourages team-shooting, so you can do 90% of the damage to an enemy but miss the percentage if they’re popped by someone else.

But the worst offender of this quest is the requirement that simply says “Enemies defeated and medals” with another percentage bar.

A percentage bar that seems to go up in random intervals or not at all, no matter how many enemies I defeat or medals I’ve earned. Here’s what I’ve learned about this step:

Enemies defeated don’t matter at all, or if they do matter, it’s so minimal they alone will probably never move the bar.

Most medals do not count. I thought I would make progress on this quest faster with Iron Banner which has its own “pack” medals that appear more frequently than normal games.

I would also celebrate when I got things like “quick strike” medals and what not as I thought those were counting. They aren’t.

Rather, the only medals that seem to count are multikill medals, doubles, triples, etc.

Or medals that involve kills with the same weapon in a single life. These are the ones that actually get you progress.

As a result, I have been told that the best way to make progress here is to get Cold Fusion medals, aka two Fusion kills in one life, which will be 1% progress by itself.

Except I have seen firsthand that this medal is bugged. I have done this, even without reloading or weapon switching as many suggest, and not gotten a Cold Fusion medal when I should have. So this has not been helpful to me.

Similarly, there might be a bug where progress is just…stopped. I played about six comp games last night, won some, lost some, and made 0% progress past 84%.

I looked it up and some people seem to think that this quest just freezes progress randomly, and you can solve it by logging out and logging in and going again.

(Update: I was stuck at 84 for about eight games, then I discovered that A) I can make progress again and B) get Cold Fusion medals to actually appear by playing Rumble and Rumble only, I went up 6% in one game.)

In short, this quest is already something of a slog, but it’s even more of a slog than it initially appears to be because the requirements are in no way clearly listed, and some aspects of progression may just be flat-out bugged.

So if this is happening to you, no, you’re not alone. Alright, time to finish this last 16%…somehow.

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Pokemon Lets Go shiny : Shiny Pokemon Let’s Go List

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Pokemon Let’s Go Shiny : How to Catch Shiny Pokémon Using Catch Combos in ‘Pokémon Let’s Go’

One of the most thrilling features of each Pokémon game is encountering and catching a Shiny Pokémon.

Shiny Pokémon return in Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee, and there’s a completely new approach to hunt for them that’s easier but possibly more time-consuming.

As you travel around Kanto, you’ll come across NPCs that explain a new method of collecting Pokémon known as Catch Combos.

When catching the same species of Pokémon, trainers will discover Catch Combos. Catch Combos increase your chances of encountering a Pokémon with higher IVs or a Shiny Pokémon, among other things.

We’ll concentrate on the Shiny part of Catch Combos in Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee because this is the Shiny Pokémon guide.


pokemon let's go shinyWild Pokémon emerge on the overworld in Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, which means a Pokémon in its Shiny form will as well. This makes catching it and spotting it easier.

There are chances of encountering a Shiny Pokémon in every Pokémon game. The chance of seeing a Shiny Pokémon is 1 in 4096, although the Catch Combo system can boost those odds.

A Catch Combo occurs when a trainer successfully captures the same Pokémon species multiple times. This could entail catching numerous Weedle in a row, for example.

Taking them down will raise your Catch Combo, which will be visible in the capture screen. A few elements might make or ruin your Catch Combo.

Trying to get away from a fight with that species
That Pokémon is fleeing from you.
capturing a Pokémon of a different species

You can now flee a capture if it’s not the species you’re trying to combine. So, if you’re trying to combo Weedle and you inadvertently run into a Caterpie, you can run away and keep your combination.

The combo is not broken if you leave the route. Trainers can also use lures to help them find a Shiny Pokémon.

As your combination progresses, your chances of finding a Shiny Pokémon improve. The hard calculations are still a little hazy, but

Serebii believes the probabilities are as follows:

  • 1 in 4096 = 0-10
  • 1 in 1024 for the 11-20 combination
  • 1 in 512 = 21-30
  • In 341.3, 31 + = 1

The rates are as follows while a Lure is active:

In 2048, the combination of 0 and 10 equals one.

  • 1 in 819 = 11-20
  • 1 in 455 = 21-30
  • 1 in 315 = 31+

If you want to improve your Shiny chances even more, get the Shiny Charm after catching every Pokémon in the PokéDex and then go to Celadon City to speak with the Game Freak folks.

The Shiny Charm greatly improves your chances of finding a Shiny Pokémon. These are the new Shiny Odds when holding the Shiny Charm, if the numbers above are correct:

  • 1 in 1365 for a 0-10 combination.
  • 1 in 682 = 11-20
  • 1 in 410 = 21-30
  • 1 in 293 = 31+

The rates for the Lure and Shiny Charm are as follows:

  • 1 in 1024 (combination of 0 and 10)
  • 1 in 585 = 11-20
  • 1 in 372 = 21-30
  • 1 in 273 = 31+

Have you found your Shiny Pokémon in Pikachu and Eevee: Let’s Go? In the comments section below, tell us who you’ll be Shiny Hunting for.

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Dr Karlov: The Infamous Verdansk Urban Legend

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Dr Karlov is a fictional character that was introduced in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare during the Haunting of Verdansk event in October 2020.

He is a mad scientist who has been conducting experiments with electricity on the prisoners of the Gulag, creating deadly weapons and devices. He is also the main antagonist of the Dr. Karlov Lives limited-time mode, where players have to hunt him down and stop his rampage.

Who is Dr Karlov?

Dr Karlov

Dr Karlov

According to the official description of the character, Dr Karlov is something of an urban legend in Verdansk. Down in the Gulag, he has been experimenting with electricity, to the point that he has created a variety of terrifying weapons.

He is obsessed with harnessing the power of electricity and using it for his own twisted purposes. He has also modified his own appearance, wearing a mask that covers his face and a suit that emits electric sparks.

What are Dr Karlov’s weapons and abilities?

Dr Karlov skills

Dr Karlov skills

Dr Karlov has access to some unique weapons and abilities that make him a formidable foe. Some of his weapons include:

– An electric throwing knife that can electrocute enemies on impact.

– An electric weapon blueprint that can shoot bolts of lightning at enemies.

– A Tesla coil device that can create an electric field around him, damaging anyone who gets too close.

Dr Karlov supernatural abilities

Enhanced speed and agility, allowing him to move faster and jump higher than normal.

Thermal vision, allowing him to see enemies through walls and smoke.

– Immunity to gas and stun effects, making him resistant to some of the common tactics used by players.

How to unlock Dr Karlov’s skin and items?

Players who want to unlock Dr Karlov’s skin and items can purchase the Tracer Pack: Dr. Karlov Operator Bundle from the in-game store for 2400 COD Points. The bundle includes:

The Dr Karlov skin for Bale, one of the operators in the game.

The Electromagnetic weapon blueprint for the AK-47 assault rifle.

– The Voltaic weapon blueprint for the MP5 submachine gun.

– The Shock Therapy weapon charm, featuring a mini Tesla coil.

– The Electric Tracer Fire effect, making your bullets leave a trail of sparks.

– The Lightning Dismemberment effect, making your enemies explode into electric fragments when killed.

FAQs: The Ultimate Guide To Your Questions

Q: Is Dr Karlov based on a real person?

A: No, Dr Karlov is a fictional character created by the developers of Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare. He is not based on any real person or historical figure.

Q: Is Dr Karlov related to Leatherface or Billy the Puppet?

A: No, Dr Karlov is not related to Leatherface or Billy the Puppet, who are also featured in the Haunting of Verdansk event. They are characters from different horror franchises, namely Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Saw. They have no connection to Dr Karlov or his story.

Q: How can I defeat Dr Karlov in the game?

A: To defeat Dr Karlov in the game, you have to play the Dr. Karlov Lives mode, which is available for a limited time during the Haunting of Verdansk event.

In this mode, you have to find and kill Dr Karlov before he kills you or your teammates. You can use any weapons or equipment you have, but be careful of his electric attacks and devices. You can also team up with other players to take him down faster.

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