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Dissecting the Lyrics: This Is How We Do It


Dissecting the Lyrics: Montell Jordan’s iconic party song, “This Is How We Do It,” has become a classic staple at weddings, graduations and other festive occasions since 1995. But what exactly are its infectious beats and catchy melody saying? Let us take a closer look and analyze the lyrics of “This Is How We Do It.”

The Verse

Dissecting the Lyrics

The opening verse of the song creates a party atmosphere. The lyrics suggest everyone is coming together for some fun and relaxation, with Jordan singing: “This is how we do it / La la la la / It’s Friday night and I feel all right / The party’s here on the Westside.” The repetition of “la la la la” mirrors the relaxed disposition of those attending; furthermore, its mention of “Friday night” conjures up visions of an exciting weekend celebration.

The Chorus

The chorus of “This Is How We Do It” is perhaps the most iconic and memorable part of the song, serving as a mini-party anthem in itself. With lyrics that are easy to sing along with, making it ideal for dancing on a dance floor. The phrase “it’s all right / This is how we do it / The party doesn’t stop ’til dawn” reinforces that this is an enjoyable experience with memories lasting long into the dawn. Additionally, its reference to having fun extends beyond daylight hours too – reinforcing that lasting pleasure that comes from an unforgettable night out!

The Second Verse

The second verse of “This Is How We Do It” continues to paint a picture of the party atmosphere. Jordan sings, “I’m kinda buzzed and it’s all because / This is how we do it Southern Californian style” – suggesting Jordan may have been drinking, which is often done at parties in SoCal. Furthermore, the mention of “Southern Californian style” suggests this gathering is taking place there as well. These lyrics create an upbeat atmosphere for listeners as they create an atmosphere where their worries can dissipate.

The Bridge

The bridge section of any song often conveys the central idea or message. In this instance, Jordan sings, “You gotta get your groove on, before you go get paid / So tip up your cup and throw your hands up / And let me hear the party say”–an invitation to let loose and have fun. The phrase itself serves as a reminder that this experience should not be missed – immerse yourself in it! The second half of the bridge encourages participation in this party atmosphere by inviting listeners into the vibe around them; after all, this is about being immersed in it!


“This Is How We Do It” is an iconic song that captures the joy of partying. Its catchy beats and catchy lyrics make it ideal for any festive occasion. By dissecting its lyrics, we can see there’s nothing profound or philosophical here; rather, it’s simply a fun, lighthearted celebration of letting our hair down and living in the moment – this is how we do it! So put on your dancing shoes and join in – this is how we do it!

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