Sibbu Suryan Bio: Sibbu Suren was born in Shimoga, Karnataka, on the 26th of March 1990. In Bangalore, he completed his optional training. He graduated from Bangalore Institute of Technology in Karnataka with a four-year degree. His hair is darkly shaded, and he has a dull, darker brow. He has a place in Hinduism, but the details of his status are murky. Sibbu Suren is a Tamil and Kannada actor currently working in the Indian film industry.

Sibbu Suryan Biography

Sibbu Suryan

Sibbu made his acting debut alongside Shwetha R Prasad in the Kannada TV series “Radha Ramana,” directed by Shiva Poojenagrahara and produced by M Subramanya. Shamili Sukumar, Ramya Shankar, Gayathri Shastry, and Vadivukkarasi are among the notable actors he has worked with. He has appeared in a number of notable television series, including Radha Ramana and Roja. On Sun TV, Sibbu Suren is currently starring alongside Priyanka Rao in the Roja series.

Sibbu Suryan Says Roja will be my last serial on TV

Sibbu Suryan, a television star, comes across as someone who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. His candor and demeanor are reminiscent of the character he portrays on the most famous Roja. Sibbu agrees as well. He starts, “Sometimes I wonder if the writer created my character, Arjun, after noticing my mannerisms.”

Sibbu, who moved to the city from Bengaluru, considers himself fortunate to be so well-liked in an industry that he was unfamiliar with at first. “I never thought I’d be able to act. Many of my friends and well-wishers told me that I had the ‘look’ for it, but I never believed them. But, over time, I wanted to give modeling a try and became a model. And as a result of that, I was able to work in a Kannada serial, which helped me break into the industry,” he says.

Sibbu Suryan Roja

So, how did Roja come to be? “It came through Kumar sir, who is part of the serial’s production team. I’m not sure where he saw me, but he called to invite me to a project meeting in Chennai. At the time, I was already appearing in a couple of Kannada television serials. I wanted to come here even though I didn’t speak Tamil because I’ve long admired the Tamil film industry. He gave me a quick rundown of the job and asked me to accept it without an audition. “And with that, I was on board,” he recalls.
“Arjun is a loving man, but he has an attitude,” Sibbu says of his character. He is unconcerned with what others think about him and is a perfectionist. I could identify with Arjun because and i am very similar to him. I strive to be perfect, and when I fall short, I make amends. I don’t speak behind people’s backs and am forthright in my opinions.”

However, the actor claims that the first few days on the job were difficult. Sibbu explains. “I didn’t understand what they were asking me to do for the first few weeks because I didn’t speak the language. I sobbed because I felt as if no one had made an effort to make me feel at ease. Since I am a Kannadiga, I was unsure if the audiences would welcome me. Since I arrived after the serial had already aired for 50 episodes, the burden was much greater. Before I took on this role, Arjun’s character was played by someone else. Some members of the team thought I was being too direct. So that I might feel welcomed here, I changed who I was. However, I had the impression that I was behaving both on and off camera. So I made the decision to be myself. They’ve finally embraced me.”

Does he think things have improved now that the show has surpassed 800 episodes? “Of course, I’m glad we’ve gotten this far. The show is now being produced in a variety of languages. Audiences have also welcomed me. I’ve received letters from people all over the world. It’s wonderful. Sibbu smiles as he says, “I started out as an outsider, but now I call myself a Tamilian.”
Sibbu, who has been a part of the series for over three years, says Roja will be his final appearance. “It may come as a shock, but Roja will be my last television series,” he says. I’ve been doing this for three and a half years and now I’d like to branch out into new positions on different channels, such as OTT and films. I was an average performer when I first started doing serials. Now I’ve progressed. Working on television serials taught me a great deal. Films would, of course, be risky, and there will be more obstacles. But I’m willing to take a chance.”

“I am working on a Kannada film named Shakuntala by composer-director Hamsalekha,” Sibbu says of his upcoming projects. In this slice-of-life film, I play a grey-skinned character. I’m also working on a Tamil film with a well-known crew. As of now, I am not permitted to share any information about the team. However, I might claim that in the film, I play a politician who will go to any length to gain a seat. Both films feature intriguing and diverse characters. I’m excited to embark on this new adventure.” So, what kind of movies do you think he’ll be in? “I’m not set on playing just ‘hero’ positions. The best thing about becoming an actor is getting to play a variety of roles. It doesn’t matter what part you play; I want to have as much variety as possible,” he concludes.

When Sibbu’s ‘birthday’ caused a ruckus!

Sibu recently celebrated his birthday, but it sparked some controversy due to overzealous fans. On the set of Roja, his fans were expecting something big, but things didn’t go as planned. “I am the kind of person who throws a big party for everyone’s birthday. This is something I’ve been doing since I was in college. I spent my birthday in the Maldives and immediately joined the squad. Fans were outraged when my birthday wasn’t celebrated on set, and a few hashtags started trending. I don’t expect anything in return, but having someone ask about it made me feel bad. However, I realized that I am loved and supported by them. So that’s how I’m happy,” he says.

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