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Who is Sibbu Suryan? and Says Roja will be my last serial on TV


Sibbu Suryan Bio: Sibbu Suren was born in Shimoga, Karnataka, on the 26th of March 1990. In Bangalore, he completed his optional training.

He graduated from Bangalore Institute of Technology in Karnataka with a four-year degree. His hair is darkly shaded, and he has a dull, darker brow.

Having worked in both Tamil and Kannada industries, Sibbu Suryan is known as an actor who has appeared in some of the top television soaps.

His role as Arjun Prathap in Tamil soap opera Roja is one of his most popular roles

Acting career

Sibbu Suryan

Currently, Sibbu Suryan is doing a Tamil film with a stellar team. He also has several projects in the pipeline. Hopefully, he will make it to the big screen soon.

He has a very impressive Instagram account with more than 125k followers. He posts a lot of photos from his modeling photoshoots.

In addition to his professional career, Sibbu Suryan is an avid fan of action movies. He is also a fitness freak.

He spends a lot of time in the gym to keep his body in top shape.

The first role that Sibbu had was in a Kannada television serial. The show was called Radha Ramana and it was directed by Shiva Poojenagrahara.

He has done a few dramas as well. He has acted in a Tamil television serial called Milana from Star Suvarna.

He also had a part in a Kannada television serial titled Sundari.

He has a black pet dog named Sai. In the future, he plans to do some philanthropic work. He is very much grateful to God for all of his achievements.


Known as one of the most popular Tamil serial actors, Sibbu Suryan is a Tamil actor. He is mainly famous for his role in the TV series Roja.

He has also been working in the film industry. He has gained a large number of fans across India and abroad.

Born in Shimoga, Karnataka, Sibbu Suryan grew up in a Hindu family. He is an engineer by profession. He is an avid reader. He has a pet dog named Black.

He also loves to watch action movies. He regularly hits the gym to maintain his physique.

Sibbu was born in a very open-hearted family. He was interested in acting from a young age. He took part in plays and got good marks in them.

He even took up optional training at a college in Bangalore. He made his television debut with a serial.

He got immense appreciation for his performance and earned a lot of fans. He also won the award for the best debut actor.


Known as Arjun Pratap, Sibbu Suryan is an Indian actor, who has primarily worked in the Tamil and Kannada film industries.

He has acted in a number of serials, including Roja, Radha Ramana, and Milana. He is also an active social media user, with a large fan base. His official Instagram account has over 125k followers.

Born in Shimoga, Karnataka, Sibbu Suryan grew up in a Hindu-based south Indian family. He is an engineer by profession. He belongs to the caste of Rajput.

Currently, he is living in Karnataka, India. He has a son named Shayan. He recently got engaged to a girl from the IT industry.

Before pursuing a career in television, Sibbu started off as a model. He was interested in acting since childhood, and he took advantage of his talents.

He made his first appearance in the television show Radha Ramana, which was broadcasted on Colors HD.

The character he played was a young and talented advocate. He won hearts with his mind-blowing performance.

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