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Shooting Gallery Paradise Palms


Shooting gallery paradise palms : In week 10, we’ve reached the last level of the three-part Fortnite shooting gallery challenge, and I’m delighted to say that Epic is finally turning up the heat.

Where Can You Get A 5 At The Shooting Gallery East Of Paradise Palms In Fortnite?

This challenge is more difficult than the others, and completing the last leg of the challenge at the Paradise Palms shooting gallery may take a few tries and the appropriate weapon.

To see all of week 10’s challenges, go here.

We’ve almost reached the edge of the map once more. This location is actually a little northeast of Paradise Palms, rather than flat east, as it appears from the air.

When you arrive and look around, you could notice something strange.

A set of targets on a ledge that you can’t reach and must construct. What’s going on here?

This means you’ll have to go all the way around the cliff to the other side, which I’ve marked on the map.

So, this final shooting gallery is a range-based one, and you’ll most likely need to bring something with a scope to complete it. My six-shooter was unable to assist me in this situation:

Multiple targets will appear at once, and you must strike at least five of them to complete the challenge’s final level.

A sniper may appear to be the natural choice here, but given how long reload times can be, I’m not so convinced, and I believe you’d be better off with a scoped AR.

Many gamers, including myself, may find this difficult. And here I was thinking I was a fairly decent shooter! It demonstrates my knowledge.

Here are the directions for the other two portions of this challenge, which were significantly easier than this. I’m glad Epic finally did one that was challenging.


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