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Ariel Winter Revealed on Her Breast Reduction Surgery


Ariel Winter Breast Reduction Surgery: Ariel Winter claims she deliberately chose the black lace gown with low back for its simplicity, and she admits that she didn’t bother to cover her scars.

Ariel Winter is now showing off her surgical scars in a series black-and white images that are topless and unretouched for Self magazine.

The interview features the 18-year old talking about her decision to have breast reduction surgery when she was 17. After suffering from severe neck and back pains and being sexually abused at a young age, she talks about her experience.

She now recommends surgery to women with low self-esteem. “I recommend it to everyone — all women who have considered it and have had problems with their breasts or backs, and don’t feel comfortable in their skin.”

Winter recalls that she was uncomfortable in her own skin growing up in the spotlight. She was the star of a comedy series and her body and clothing choices were always scrutinized.

Ariel Winter Breast Reduction Surgery

Ariel Winter says that growing up in the spotlight was the worst thing for my self-esteem. I struggled to find confidence in myself. My body was completely different from what it was at 12 years of age when I started “Modern Family”. I was a stick thin person with no chest and no butt. It was so disappointing that I felt completely flat.

She continued, “Then instantly, overnight, I saw a drastic change in my body.” I was a D-cup and had a larger butt and my waist was expanding. Everything was growing. “I automatically received this hatred and judgment online.”

Despite all the difficulties she had to face being in public, received support from Sofia Vergara.

Ariel Winter says that Sofia Vergara was a role model for me growing up. She was a curvy woman who was proud of her body and appearance.” “She saw that I struggled a bit with how to handle my body and was always trying her best to give me advice like, Here are some brands that look good on us’ or Wear what you want and feel good about ourselves.

Winter feels confident about her body and doesn’t fear responding to any body shamers she sees online. She uses social media to speak out and is now a role model for young women struggling with their body image.

“It was difficult for me to handle people’s comments at the beginning and have everyone having an opinion about everything I did.” It was difficult for me not to want to change how I felt, the way that I did things, and the way that I looked due to what others said.”

She continues, “But I realized that I can be positive in my life, as long I feel good about myself and make the right decisions. That’s what will get me through my life.

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