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Fortnite Shooting Gallery East of Wailing Woods


If you’re in Fortnite and looking for an exciting and challenging mini-game, why not give the shooting gallery east of Wailing Woods a try? It was part of season 7 week 10 challenges so is sure to provide plenty of excitement.

How to Locate the Shooting Gallery

The shooting gallery east of Wailing Woods can be found along the coast at its edge, along a small patch of green on its eastern edge; look for a tree with targets on it; there will also be a trigger pad nearby and an impressive scoreboard to track your progress.

Learn How to Play the Shooting Gallery

Start the Shooting Gallery Mini-game by stepping on the trigger pad and collecting one of several weapons available nearby, such as pistols, assault rifles or scoped weapons.

When you step on the pad, targets will begin popping up randomly around rocks near you23 and it is your job to shoot them before they disappear – each target counts as one point on the scoreboard12.

If you miss an aim or take too long shooting them all you will lose the mini-game and be forced off and back onto it in order to restart it.

What Are the Advantages of Shooting Galleries?

Shooting Gallery East of Wailing Woods was part of season 7 week 10 challenges, giving players additional XP and battle stars for completion. Scoring five points would earn one battle star12. Unfortunately, with season 7 over now you no longer get these rewards; but you can still use this gallery as fun way to practice aim.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: Where are the other two shooting galleries?

A: Two additional shooting galleries can be found to the north and east of Retail Row respectively in Paradise Palms2.

Q: Which weapons should be used at a shooting gallery?

A: Any weapon with high accuracy and range can make an excellent addition to a shooting gallery.

Q: If I score more than five points at the shooting gallery, what will happen?

A: Scoring more than five points at the shooting gallery won’t do anything special; continue playing until missing targets or time runs out – your highest score will be displayed on the scoreboard.

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