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What Was Roger Sexton Cause Of Death?


Roger Sexton Cause Of Death: Many tributes have been pouring in for Roger Sexton, a contestant on the CBS reality series Survivor: The Amazon. Roger Sexton, a popular contestant on the show, has unfortunately passed away at the tender age of 76. He was from Lewy Body Dementia.

His family confirmed his death, according to sources. Roger died at Walla Walla, Wash., at the home his son-in law and daughter. He was a part of the show’s Season 6 run. Continue reading to learn more about him, and how he died.

Many of his fans want to find out the cause of his sudden death and are seeking information. We are not able to reveal the exact cause of his death.

Many of his fans and friends have paid tributes to him and offered condolences to his family since the announcement. According to his family, some sources confirm that he died from Lewy Body dementia. We will provide more information about his death.

What was Roger Sexton’s Cause of Death?

Sexton was featured in “Survivor”, an American reality TV show, in its sixth season. Since then, he has captured the attention of many people all over the globe.

Sexton was loved and respected by his fans. His sudden death shocked his entire family. According to his family, Sexton died from Lewy Body Dementia. Sexton died at the age 76.

His family also said that Roger died on October 26, 2022 at the home of his daughter and son in law. Many are curious about Roger’s personal life, including his time before and after the CBS series.

Who was Roger Sexton?

Roger was also a Vietnam War veteran and a Marine veteran. From 1966 to 1967, he served in Vietnam War.

He returned from the Bay Area to complete his education and then rose through the ranks at Tutor Perini Construction, a general contractor, to become an executive.

The CBS Survivor Season 6 finale aired in 2003. It was a spectacular show, thanks to him and the cast members. He also appeared on CBS Survivor Season 6 in 2002, and was then the team leader.

He was there for 21 days, and he placed 10th out of 16 competitors. The talented personality is now gone. His wife Diane, his daughter Brian Evensen and two grandchildren are his survivors.

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