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Robert Ford Wilson “12” Bio, Age, Career, and Parents.

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Guys here we will know more about 12 years old Robert Ford Wilson “12” Bio, Age, career, Family And more important facts. On Oct14, His father Owen Wilson took his 1-year-old son Robert Ford to the farmer’s market in Malibu, Calif. He was on daddy duty! Wilson and Laura Wilson’s mother joined them as they explored honey and produce. Robert Ford, who turns two in January, munched on a snack while his daddy tried to blend in under a baseball cap. Wilson, 43 and his former girlfriend Jade Duell ended their relationship shortly after Robert was born.

Who Is Robert Ford Wilson?

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Robert Ford Wilson, an American celebrity and young celebrity is known as the son Owen Wilson. Robert Ford Wilson, like most celebrities, was thrust into the spotlight at birth. He has no other assets that have brought him to the limelight than his father’s wealth.

Robert Ford Wilson is not like other celebrities whose parents are happy to share their lives online. Robert might not be able to appreciate his parents for making Robert famous at birth, but that will depend on Robert’s perspective once he is older.

This article will provide some facts about Robert Ford Wilson as well as other interesting information about him. Let’s first take a look at his profile summary before we move on.

Robert Ford Wilson “12” Bio

Robert Ford Wilson, 12 years old, was born in the United States of America on January 14, 2011. He lives in Dallas, Texas with Lyla Aranya Wilson, his sister, and Finn Lindqvist Wilson, his brother and sister.

We can see that Ford is White-American in his family tree. Robert Ford Wilson, a Dallas, Texas, native, is an American citizen by birth. He has dark brown eyes and beautiful curly blonde hair. A report from the internet claims that he stands at four feet five inches above ground, even though he is still in his early years.

However, reports have not been able to confirm that he is a healthy weight. His parents provide a healthy diet. His parents’ names include Jade Duell (mother), and Owen Wilson (father).

Plus, Laura Wilson (grandmother), and Robert Andrew Wilson(grandfather) are his grandparents’ names. Rosemary White (great grandmother) and Edward J. Cunningham, (great-grandfather), ate the names his great-grandparents.

Robert Ford Wilson profile


Robert Ford Wilson


12 years

Date of birth

January 14, 2011




Owen Wilson


Jade Duell


Lyla Aranya Wilson

Finn Lindqvist Wilson

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His Education and Career

Robert Ford Wilson’s education background is not covered in any of the reports. Given his age, however, it is possible to assume that he has his elementary school graduate certificate and is currently a middle school student.

Robert Ford Wilson doesn’t have a career or job description. His parents provide for him as any responsible parent would. He has yet to reach majority. Be that as it may, however, his father, Owen Wilson, is a multiple-time-award-winning television and film actor.

Owen Wilson, who was 26 when he started his career in American cinema in 1994, is a film historian. And well, he is a multiple-time-award-winning film that has won several awards, including but not limited to;

Nomination for the BAFTA Award For Best Screenplay

Academy Award: Nominated

Owen Wilson, who has been part of the American entertainment industry almost three decades ago, has been featured in more than one hundred movies. Owen is starring in the upcoming movie Haunted Mansion.

Robert Ford Wilson Net worth

He doesn’t have an estimated net worth, nor does he have a career or portfolio. His father Owen Wilson has an estimated net worth around $5 million. Owen Wilson’s career in filmmaking is what makes him his net worth.

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